The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #22- Kiss Kiss BANG BANG…. HAGGARIUM!!

The Fight was still pressing on and was just about to turn to the worst when…

Betty: *Flying in with Angel* Need a lift? We’ve come to bring some extra firepower to blast against that Drule.

Paige: *Spotting Betty*  Betty? What are you doing here? This guy has Haggarium. If he hits you with it… you could die.

Pearl: Yeah! Get out of here. King Lotor is a loose wire. he’s a Giant. He might squash us all with one step if he Wanted to…

Betty: You girls are not alone. you 3 have taken off. No one knows where you’ve gone. i feared that you’d be all dead and meeting a terrible fate. i am here to help you 3. No Butts. Family helps family. this is your fight. but if you’re thinking that you’re gonna be fighting it alone… you can just keep dreaming. we’re in it together.

Dinah: This is gonna get brutal. The Brothers have been firing at him and knocked him back a bit… but this is gonna get more heavy.

Angel: Well… That’s why we’re here. to lend a hand and place in some damage control.

Paige: Right.

Prince Alvin: *Calling out to the girls; Dodging King Lotor’s blasts* Uh… Girls… A little help here. this Drule is about to fire up his heavy artillery…

Prince Arnold: Heavy Artillery nothing… He’s just getting more gigantic. If he gets any bigger… He’s gonna wind up Smashing the planet and we’ll all wind up in space. i don’t think we have any space suits. We need to knock him down a bit before we get sent to space to float off…

Prince Avery: Well… whenever you’re ready.

Betty: It’s on. *Facing Lotor from the air* King Lotor… You are a menace to all things living. You caused nothing but devastation. To let you continue your reign of terror is means of watching the world plunge itself into despair. This can not go on. I doubt that the fates will allow you to live again… because on behalf of the peace loving humans and on behalf of the lord’s viable will. you are sentenced to be condemned…

Attack round 1:

Betty:  *Focusing her energy and holding her hands together; Blowing light energy into her hands; Forming a holy grenade and chanting an incantation turning the one Holy Grenade into several “Sacred power of the lord. take thee power and turn one into many.”; Sending them up into the sky and spinning them around in a fast motion; Pointing her fingers up into the air making them into guns filled with Light bullets and shooting them at the Holy grenades in the sky; Launching the attack at (King Lotor)* Heaven’s Burning Holy Flash! …..Again! *Glowing with Holy energy and charging up to multiply into a million copies of herself; Holding out her hands and forming balls of Holy energy; Aiming at the target in sight; striking at the target and Launching at the Target* Holy Blitzkrieg! (Striking and firing at the enemy at full speed; performing an onslaught of Holy energy) … *Launching an attack of Holy Thunder at King Lotor* HEAVEN’S THUNDER!!! *Launching an attack of Holy Fire at King Lotor* HEAVENLY FLAMES!

Angel: *Launching an attack at King Lotor* ABYSS OF DARKNESS! *Firing Dark fire at King Lotor* FLAMES OF DARKNESS! *Launching Dark Thunder at King Lotor* DARK THUNDER!

King Lotor: *Taking the hits* Ouch! *Eyes Glowing purple and flaring up* … *Landing a Punch at Betty and Angel* Haggarium Fist!

Betty: *Turning into a shadow and going invisible; Evading the attack* Whoa! He almost got me. That was a close call…

Angel: Well Watch out… he is preparing to strike again…

Betty: This will cut him down… *Holding her hands out and Emitting a energy ball in each hand. One pink and one white. making the balls glow bright. Chanting a spell: “Love of the Lord and the love from his heart… Glow bright and grow true… Heavens’s Embrace… make your stand. unleash your might and burn the Unholy being with your light” Making the balls grow and rise to 10 feet in diameter; Combining the balls together and watching the ball grow bigger; Holding her hands back for a split second before lauching the Orb; Launching the attack at (King Lotor)* Heavenly Orb BLAST!!!!

a second later…

Betty: *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (King Lotor)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

King Lotor: *Shaking and Suddenly starting to shrink to a 30 foot Giant* Curses!

Paige: Another round… girls… let’s do it. *Ordering the Attack* FIRE!!!!

within seconds another wave of attacks started and began launching at King Lotor…

Paige: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Love’s Blast!

Pearl: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Bubble Explosion!

Dinah: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Thunder Blast!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Inferno Torch!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Aquatic Storm!

Prince Avery: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Plasma BURN!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Megaton Thunder!

Paige: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Love’s Bliss!

Pearl: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Thunder Shocker!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Fire Wave!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Raging Flood!

Prince Avery: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Burning Acid!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an Attack at King Lotor* Electric Pulse!

Paige: Group attack. *Looking at her sisters and then at the Rhapsody Brothers* Let’s do it.  Time to knock this Foul Drule down to size. he’s gonna meet his match. ATTACK!!!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Launching an attack at King Lotor* Rhapsody BEAM!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at King Lotor* Heavenly burning beam!

However that was what got King Lotor more enraged…

King Lotor: *Booming* ENOUGH!

Prince Alvin: *Spotting King Lotor preparing to fire a wave of Haggarium Blasts* Watch OUT!

The blasts fired out and right into the sky… It hit the air and then came crashing   down upon the girls and the Rhapsody Brothers. it even hit Betty and Angel… The blasts came fast and poured like a rapid storm… The blasts caused a huge plume of white light and then exploded…

As soon as the smoke cleared…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Down and knocked out*

Prince Arnold, Prince Avery and Prince Curtis: *Knocked down onto the ground and feeling Numb from the Onslaught*

Betty: *In pain*

Angel: *Trapped in a pile of Rubble* Ugh! Could someone get me out of here… Betty? *Looking towards Betty* Betty, You okay?

Betty: Yeah. *In a bit of pain* I’m just hurt. but i’ll live. Luckily… the Haggarium didn’t affect me. it’s not as strong as it could have been.

Angel: *Sighs with relief* Thank the heavens.

Prince Alvin: *Getting up and as a Super Saiyan form Flying over to King Lotor* HEY! Lotor. you are Tough… you think that we’re playing… we’re not.

King Lotor: *Jumps in surprise and Looking to see Prince Alvin coming to him* What the? How are you still Standing? Those blasts nailed you all… it got you too. you should be down with the others. What the HELL ARE YOU?!!!

Maahox: *Running out* I’ve come Sire. Need a hand in serving this Peace loving pipsqueak some defeat.

Prince Alvin: *Smirks* We’ll Get to that… Lets start with the basics… *Going back to normal form* This is as you can see… My normal form and also usual hero form. not the Super Saiyan form. *Suddenly transforming into a Super Saiyan* This is a super Saiyan…

King Lotor: *Confused* What on Earth is a Super Saiyan?

Maahox: Ah.. Let’s see… you changed your hair… but if that’s all you have done… that’s just pathetic. Isn’t there more to that….or is that all you can do?

Prince Alvin: *Charging up and Buffing up; Emitting a higher energy surrounding him* This is the level beyond that of a normal Super Saiyan. better known as a Super Saiyan class 2.

King Lotor: Okay… that’s surprising. *Rolling his eyes* Good grief… You heroes are so so weird.  It’s a shame that they don’t have you all committed.


Prince Arnold: *From the middle of the Arena…What’s left of it; Watching and witnessing Prince Alvin releasing* What…. THE?! CAPTAIN!!!! What are you doing?!

Prince Avery: Captain… Stop it… that’s too much energy. we’re still kids…. You’ll Blow out your heart… STOP!!!!!

On Arus…

Keith: *Waking up and feeling pain* Ugh! Oh… the pain is killing… *Hearing a Scream* What the….?

Lance: *Hearing a Loud Scream* What is that….

Coran: *Running into the Medical Wing* Lance, Larmina… Tammy…. Keith! There is something going on… *Putting on the Screen* Take a look. this is coming from Planet Doom right now….

Larmina: *Watching the Screen* Who is that?

Tammy: *Recognizing who’s on screen* Prince Alvin. It’s Prince Alvin! *Seeing him Scream and Emitting Energy* What is he doing?

On Screen…


The Ground suddenly began to shake with force as Prince Alvin continued to build up more energy…

Prince Avery: *Feeling the ground shake* CAPTAIN!!!! PLEASE… STOP!!!! STOP!!!!!!!

Larmina: *Witnessing an Earthquake* What is Prince Alvin trying to do? Is he crazy?

Lance: *Seeing Prince Alvin Building up more energy* Ah Man… He’s Charging up way too much energy. he’s gonna blow up. He’s causing the ground to shake itself apart.

In Metropolis…

Princess Rikku: *Watching T.V* The girls are probably trying to fly back… *Suddenly feeling a Sharp spark shooting through her* AHH!

Pidge: *Sensing something*

Hunk: *Sensing something* What is that?!

Cindy: *Covering her ears* The noise is really loud… WHAT IS THAT?! Who’s doing it?

Jess: *Feeling her ears throb* OWWWWW!!!! Make it stop…

At King John’s house…

King John: *Sensing Prince Alvin’s energy Spiking* What the? Prince Alvin?! *Worrying* Prince Alvin… What are you Doing? Stop it… Don’t do it. You’re not ready for that level yet. you’re not ready for it yet. Stop. Please stop. If you push your heart any further…. You’ll Die. it could Fail…. Stop.

At Princess Charlene’s house…

Princess Charlene: *picking up the sharp energy spike coming from Prince Alvin* Nephew…

Prince Richie: *Getting Knocked on the floor by the sharp flash of energy coming from Prince Alvin* BLIMEY!!! What the heck is that?

at Princess Julie’s house…

Princess Julie: *Lighting up and reading a book; Suddenly feeling the energy spark* Huh?! What the? Are you kidding me? Prince Alvin?!

At Mrs. Stroker’s house…

Mary: *Listening to the screaming and looking at her power coin* Whoa! that scream is emitting massive power. it’s got my power Coin going really hyper active.

Alice: Same here…

Mary: What is going on?

Chip: I hear it… Prince Alvin is Emitting all kinds of energy.

In Space…

Nearing Planet Arus and suddenly making her approach and descending to the castle with aerial speed…

Mrs. Stroker: *Roaring  and sensing the energy* …*Thinking in her mind* Something is going on…. It’s coming from Planet Doom… Prince Alvin. He’s up to something. what on earth could he be doing?

Back on Doom…

Prince Alvin: *Releasing energy continuously and causing the Waters from Planet Earth and Planet Arus to ripple and Splash… causing them to stir violently* AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Drawing Clouds in and suddenly covered in a very bright blinding light before the scene goes Black*

Prince Alvin balls up into a suppressed human cannonball and spinning around with mach speed transforming into a higher level of Super saiyan… Forming long Golden hair and losing his eyebrows as the energy builds up more and within seconds… the background came to and revealed a Super Saiyan….3!

Prince Alvin: This is a Super Saiyan 3… the next level. the highest level of a Super Saiyan.

Paige: *Seeing Prince Alvin with a Different Look* What Is he? Why does Prince Alvin look like that? Is that really him?

Pearl: *Looking to see Prince Alvin with Long Golden hair* wow! he looks really Shiny! I wonder where he got the hair?

Dinah: *Pauses* Whoa! He looks really tough now. Lotor is probably freaking himself out now.

Prince Avery: He’s doing something… he doesn’t look too thrilled.

King Lotor: *Looking at Prince Alvin* So… now your hair is longer and you lost the eyebrows. Let me guess… You’re now like a Drone.

Prince Alvin: Why don’t you come and find out what i am now… Care to take me on? *Challenging*

King Lotor: *Growls* You dare Mock me! *Firing a blast at Haggarium at Prince Alvin*

Prince Alvin: *Holding his hands back and Preparing to fire* KamehamehameHaaaaMeeeHAAAAAAA! *Firing a wave back at King Lotor Breaking through the Haggarium blasts; landing a direct shot at King Lotor*

King Lotor: GRRR! *Taking the hit*

Back on Arus…

Mrs Stroker: *Walking into the castle and heading to the medical Wing* I finally made it. the Cure is here.

Coran: *Spotting Mrs. Stroker* Trixie Stroker… Why you’re a sight for sore eyes. what brings you here to Arus?

Mrs. Stroker: The cure. i brought it. i have it here to give to the Voltron force. *Showing the Cure to Coran*

Coran: Why… that’s splendid news. Come… Let’s get to the Medical wing right away and give them the cure. they need it.

Within minutes…

Larmina: *Cured* Wow! I’m cured of that infection. Awesome. Now i’m able to go and kick some butt.

Lance: *Thrilled* same here. i can finally get out from this bed. Say good-bye bed. i’m outta here.

Keith: *Fully Cured and on the move* Alright. Team… We’re back in Business.

Tammy: *Walking* I’m free. No more infection. Wonderful.

Larmina: Where are the Lions? Are they still here?

Coran: Yes. they are. But we can’t launch them. the Brothers have the keys.

Tammy: What? They still have the keys…? Well get them back. We need to get airborne right now and get to Planet Doom. The girls need our help.

Lance: *Nods* That’s right.


The Lion keys came into the room and floated right towards them… Larmina, Lance, Keith and Tammy were in disbelief. All they could do was drop their jaws for that moment and feel stunned…

However at Metropolis…

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Hunk: *Under the Table and holding the two girls close* You’re okay. we’re gonna get out of here before another one hits.

Pidge: Not really. the shaking is over… it was caused by the energy emitted by Prince Alvin.

Suddenly Hunk gets a call on his Voltcom…

Hunk: *Answering the call* What is it Coran? We just had a shaker here.

Coran: The team is cured. the Haggarium infection is gone.

Hunk: Really?

Coran: the castle is no longer under Quarantine.

Hunk: That’s great news. We’ll be back right away.

Coran: But there is something that you should know…

Hunk: What’s that? *Wondering*

Coran: Tammy has run off. she’s missing.

Hunk: how? Where did she go?

Coran: I don’t know… she just started feeling really happy then the next thing i knew… she got scared about something and just ran off. no one knows where she run off to.

Hunk: Oh man… she must be with so many mixed emotions.

Coran:  Well being stuck in bed for a time was not easy for her. she felt really depressed and then when she got cured… she was just happy and cheerful. but then before we knew it… she left and we don’t know where she could be.

Hunk: I’ll Let Pidge know. he’s got to know about this.

Coran: Very well. but Hunk. Be Sure to break it to him with subtlety.

Hunk: I will.

a second later…

Pidge: What’s going on?

Hunk: *Looking at Pidge* Uh, Little buddy. There’s something that you might want to know. Coran just called. The team is all cured of the Infection and the castle is no longer under Quarantine. But there is something else… after they were cured… Tammy took off… they tried searching for her and couldn’t locate her anywhere.

Pidge: *Trying not to let tears fall over hearing the news* Is she gonna be okay?

Hunk: I don’t know. I am sorry about this, Little buddy. i really am.

Pidge: Let’s pack up. we’re leaving right now… we’re leaving. i have to find her. i won’t let her go.

Hunk: *Nods* Right. let’s go.

Moments later…

Pidge and Hunk were on their way back to Arus. with the lab they brought with them packed up and in the back of the van. it was a long time since all the mayhem began. it was not over yet. there was still a little more to come… The whole way back they reflected on everything that they have been through and all that they had to go through. The Drama and the emotions that were involved in it. Pidge was not sure if he wanted to really go back… he wanted to be near his daughter… but he had to go back for Tammy. He loved her and wanted to see her again. it was the thing that he had to do. Hunk felt like seeing that girl Shannon again. he kinda liked her alot. but he was trying not to let anyone know. he felt a little shy to admit that under that muscle… he was just a softie.

As soon as they got to Arus… Pidge unpacked the lab fast and placed all the things in their right spots. he wasted no time in setting things back up the way they were before the Siege that started the mess up happened. He within minutes went out to search for Tammy… He knew that there was one place that he knew that she’d be… the lake in the forest. he knew that she went there sometimes. He made his way there and walked over to where the lake was and saw her just sitting there… silently. She didn’t say anything, however she did hear someone coming close to her. She turned just Slightly to see that it was Pidge.

Tammy: *gasps and getting up fast* Pidge! Oh my god… It’s you. It’s so good to see you again. I Missed you so so much. I was feeling really upset and broken just being away from you for nearly 2 months. it’s been lonesome.

Pidge: *Hugging Tammy and Then Kissing her* I missed you too, i really did. I spent a bit of time at Princess Rikku’s place. it was the safest place to be considering that she’s my Ex. it was lonesome without you. i would have stayed at the castle… but seeing or knowing that you were also infected with the Haggarium. i just couldn’t bare seeing you suffering. i just couldn’t do it.

Tammy: I know. Princess Rikku told me that you were thinking of me quite a lot. i was touched.

Pidge: But why did you run away from the castle? The others are worried about you.

Tammy: I know. I didn’t mean to run off. *Looking sad* i just can’t stay and be at the castle like i used to anymore. it is just too hard now… I don’t know if i can go on being Pilot of the Green lion anymore.

Pidge: *Wanting to see his girlfriend happy* Well then don’t. Don’t do it anymore. Let it go.

Tammy: *Confused* Let it go… Quit being a Pilot?

Pidge: *Chipper* Yeah… that’s right. just let it go. you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. let someone else be the pilot.

Tammy: Yeah.

Pidge: Let’s go somewhere… Anywhere?

Tammy: Anywhere?

Pidge: Yeah. We can even go to my home planet. i not long ago heard that it was restructured and reformed. i can take you to where i used to live. show you all the things that i once had done. the days before i was enlisted into the Garrison. they had this Sport called Balto-Dodgeball. it was the best. i was good. great speed and great wit. i was really good. they might have my old team there… somewhere. they might still remember me since they escaped from the danger before my planet back then years ago was blown up and destroyed.

Tammy: Okay. that’d be swell. I’d love that. to see you play.

Pidge: we even played a few Tournaments.Not as big as other sports, but the crowd was huge. They’d cheer and cheer and be rooting for their favorite teams.

Tammy: *Cheerful and Happy* Yeah. I’d be there and be cheering… I’d Cheer and Cheer till i couldn’t cheer anymore. *Wondering* What about after the game?

Pidge:  My place… we can go and visit the spot where my home from when i was a little kid resided. showing all the spots where i played. All the places that i’d hang out as a kid. then we can go and watch the Sunset. it’s so awesome. it gets like a rainbow like hue. and it covers half the sky when it gets to the halfway point. it makes anything for miles… where ever you are… shine and glitter. it’s like music to the ears… but also makes it look like you’re seeing the sky explode with blinding light.

Tammy: *Excited* Does the planet sleep?

Pidge: On Balto… there is almost no need for sleep. we can keep going for days without rest and be perfect. On Balto… We Never sleep.

Tammy: *Amazed and really excited; But then feeling hesitant* i’d like to go….

Pidge: we can go right now.

Tammy: *Suddenly Sniffling and feeling tears fall from her eyes; feeling her eyes well up* ehem.. eh… eh…

Pidge: *Seeing a Tear fall into the Lake* Tammy?

Tammy: *In Tears; While suddenly in the water* I can’t… I just can’t…… I Can’t Go!

Pidge: *Walking over to Tammy and getting in the water* *Trying to look at her* Tammy?

Tammy: *Crying*

Pidge: *Grabbing onto Tammy and suddenly Kissing her*

“Kaze ga yo seta kotoba ni
oyoida kokoro
kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
hazunda koe.

Tsuki ga yuyeru kagami ni
furueta kokoro
hoshi ga nagare koboreta
yawarakai namida.

Suteki da ne
futari te wo tori aruketa nara
ikitai yo
kimi no machi ie ude no naka.

Sono mune
karada azuke
yoi ni magire

Kaze wa tomari kotoba wa
yasashii maboroshi
kumo wa yabure ashita wa
tooku no koe.

Tsuki ga nijimu kagami wo
nagareta kokoro
hoshi ga yurete koboreta
kakusenai namida.

Suteki da ne
futari te wo tori aruketa nara
ikitai yo
kimi no machi ie ude no naka.

Sono kao
sotto furete
asa ni tokeru

Tammy: *Looking at the sky* I Must do it. i can’t just quit the team. i’d never forgive myself and i know that you’d be upset if i just quit the team.

Pidge: Yeah. you might be right. but i would also understand.

Tammy: You would?

Pidge: Of course. i don’t really put much thought into that. but i just want for you to be happy. that’s all. i just want you to be happy.

Tammy: I Love you.

Pidge: And i love you too. i always will.

It was not long before Tammy was ready to return back to the castle. she felt better now. it was miraculous. but from seeing Pidge and getting to talk to him and be with him again… it made her happy.

But back at Planet Doom…

Prince Alvin: *Losing power and tiring out* Come on… Go down… DARN YOU!

King Lotor: *Laughing* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Betty came in and Launched a huge attack on King Lotor and blew him Sky high… however it only brought him back… Was there no getting rid of him? Things were not getting any easier for them. What were they gonna do? How much more could they do before they reached Empty on their energy? Is this the end for them? Or does Prince Alvin have a trick up his sleeve? Find out in Chapter 23 of The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Paige: *Voice-over* Hi… Paige here… Lotor is not giving us a break and he’s only taunting us… but it looks like our Cousins The Rhapsody Brothers have a idea on the hands that can work. But who’s gonna distract Lotor long enough for it to work? Would the brothers be thinking of performing the Legendary Spirit Bomb? Find out in the next Chapter… as our Adventure goes on… Chapter 23: “Make a wish… Pray for a Haggarium”

Pearl: Can i please be placed on the bench? i can’t go anymore…

Paige: We’ll keep going, Pearl. The Drule must be taken down… It’s either him or us… and i am giving my answer right now. You all know it. It’s he who shall be defeated.


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