The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #20 Let’s get physical phy-si-cal Let me hear you get Phy-si-caaaaallll Let me hear your Haggarium Talk.

The next morning…

At Metropolis National forest…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Paige: Come on girls… Let’s train. we got to battle each other and get really tough. We got to be ready for anything that Lotor might launch our way. we need to be prepared for anything. let’s do it.

Pearl: Right. Let’s do it.

Dinah: We’re gonna nail that Drule.

Paige: Remember… that no matter what… while training… we imagine each other to be that Drule. We hold nothing back. *Looking at her sisters* Ready?

Pearl&Dinah: Ready.

Pearl: *Attacking Paige and Dinah with her Bubble Harp*….*Launching the attack* Bubble Wave!

Paige: *Tossing her Sonic Scepter into the air and releasing the Love Guardian; Launching the attack at Pearl and Dinah* Love’s Blissful Storm!

Dinah: *Launching her Thunder Discs; Watching it Surround Paige and Pearl with Thunder and Lightning; Electrocuting them* THUNDER FLASH!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Taking the hits and Then returning fire upon each other*…. *Evading*

Paige: Keep doing it.

In the City Metropolis…

Tammy: *Walking the streets looking for her love* Where is he? *Rubbing her arms feeling cold*

Suddenly She gets confronted by a familiar face and barely lifts her head up to see that it was Princess Rikku…

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* Tammy?! Oh my god… Tammy. what are you doing here? I heard that you were stuck on Arus in the medical wing at the castle of lions. how did you get here?

Tammy: I kinda busted out of there. and came here to see Pidge. I just had to see him. i couldn’t bare being far from him anymore. i just couldn’t. *With tears in her eyes* i just had to see him. Princess, I had to get out of there. I’m still infected with Haggarium. but i’ve been beating it. it’s weakened in me. i kept it back. Knowing that i would see Pidge again… but each day i waited… seemed like it was gonna be forever. i just didn’t want to wait anymore. my heart was beginning to break.

Princess Rikku: *Seeing some purple in the tears* Tammy, please don’t cry. you are gonna see him again. you know that he loves you. but he can’t see you looking like this. Leaving you there was the most hardest thing he ever had to do. he was upset for leaving you like he had. If i were to confide something to you… would you swear on not telling anyone about it. Pidge and me only know about it. and if i do tell you… you’ll also know about it.

Tammy: *Still with tears in her eyes; Suddenly curious about what Princess Rikku was talking about* What is it?

Princess Rikku: Well…


Princess Rikku: *Voice* It goes like this: ”

Princess Rikku: *Smiling at Pidge* I Don’t know why we broke up… but it’s good being able to see you more now. I know that we can’t ever be one again. but we kinda are since Betty is also your Daughter as she is mine.

Pidge: I know. *Working on the New Weapon designed for Dinah* I really feel that you and i should be together again. but i don’t want to break Tammy’s heart. i don’t desire to break yours in process of keeping from breaking Tammy’s heart. She doesn’t need to get her heart broken. Princess Rikku, You know that i Love you still. i always have. but i Love Tammy. she is my girlfriend now. As much as i Love you as well as i love her. i don’t know if i’d ever be able to look at you again if you and i did something to deliberately break Tammy’s heart.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling a little hurt* I don’t aim to break anyone’s heart, Pidge. Why would you even think that?

Pidge: Because i know what you’re after. You are wanting me and you to be one again. As much as i would be willing to have that… the reality of it is that i can’t. Because i can’t have two lovers. it’s just not possible. You and i are forever tied because of Betty. but we’re not together anymore. Tammy and i are.”

Princess Rikku: *Voice* But before that… ”

Princess Rikku: Yeah. i know. that was back before you and i broke up. and before you became the professor to the 3 girls of mine and found out that you were the father to my Daughter Betty. I Miss the days where you and i were together. i Still have feelings for you deep down inside.

Pidge: *Jumps* Princess Rikku, What the heck is wrong with you? You and i broke up. I am with Tammy now. i Love her. now… i haven’t forgotten the times that we had. i treasure those alot. i miss those days at times… but we broke up. i did it to save you from being a Widow. i know that you’d hate being a widow or being a Divorcee if we were one and then had a you know… That D word. i don’t want you going through that. i know about the childhood you had. your Cousin told me all about it. so i’m saving you from heartache. I retired from being a pilot. i don’t regret it. but i am still with Tammy. Now I’m going to give Tammy the love of my whole heart… but I don’t think I’ll ever look at another happy couple without thinking of you… I’ll love you my whole life.

Princess Rikku: *With a Tear in her eye* You mean that still? I should turn away. but i can’t. since you and i broke up… i couldn’t really find happiness anywhere. no one wanted me. Dark and i had a little time as a couple and a couple kids came out of it. but it didn’t last. Hawkman… he broke my heart and dumped me in the middle of our romantic moment. i felt so alone since you and i came apart.

Pidge: *Looking down* I know. i only wanted you to be with someone better and one who’d make you happy. i know i made you blissful and so complete… but back then there was a war going on and chances were that i could have been killed. but i knew that if i was… and we were together… it’d make you a widow. i didn’t want that for you. you don’t need to be put through the life of being a Widow. i wasn’t gonna let that happen. that’s why i’ve done what i’ve done.

Princess Rikku: To save me from living life being a Widower. It’s not like i wouldn’t mind. But we just grew a bit apart. the break up was liable to happen one way or another.

Pidge: *Sighs* I can tell. Tammy is a wonderful girl. I love her. But when it comes to love… it can just be rather complicated.

Princess Rikku: Try being a single mother and having no guy to call your very own. That is what hurts. it’s lonesome. thank god i have my family close by. but i find that i got to pour my tales of the lonely heart to them everyday while the girls are in school. otherwise… i am just at home with no company. and just talking to inanimate objects. that’s not something that i enjoy stooping to.

Pidge: *Understanding how Princess Rikku is feeling* It’s sad. i never knew that you had it that hard since i left.”

Flashback ends…

Princess Rikku: That’s what happened. but i wanted to tell you now. you had that right to know. i still have feelings for him. i can’t hide from them. Tammy, as much as i should let him go… and not keep him close to my heart… i can’t. he is the father to my daughter Betty. he and i had the romantic intercourse sometime before he and i split. he and i are always gonna be one. but he Loves you. He really cherishes you. everyday he thinks of you. he thinks of you in his sleep. i know… i hear him talking in his sleep at night since he was here and all… he kept saying your name. over and over again. he thinks so much of you.

Tammy: *Starting to glare a little* You were trying to take my boyfriend away… Princess? What is your problem? He is with me now. He has a Daughter with you. but he is with me now. You had your time with him. he is my love now. Now… you can find someone else. Just because he is with the same daughter as you are doesn’t mean he’s yours. he’s only keeping you in his life for the sake of the child… *Sighs and feels sad for what she said* Sorry. i didn’t mean to say that. i guess that i was just blowing off some frustration because of being stuck in bed for so long. it kinda got me feeling a bit edgy.

Princess Rikku:  *Nods* It’s okay. i kinda knew a little that it was not serious. just a little bit of steam being blown off. i know the feeling. i was the same way when i was pregnant with Betty and Angel. i had to be in bed for almost 2 months.

Tammy:  You were?

Princess Rikku: Uh-huh. it wasn’t a walk in the park either. it was just very frustrating.

Tammy: *Grins* Now i know how you must have felt being stuck in bed for that long of a time.

Princess Rikku: Yeah… it gets really lonesome.

Tammy: Can i see him? *Desperate* I just got to see him. i need to at least see him. Even if i can’t speak to him yet. at least i can just see him. it’s all i ask for.

Princess Rikku: I can take you to him… but you should be back on Arus getting the medical care you need. even though you’re not showing visible signs for Haggarium… you still have it. it could flare up.

Tammy: *Confused* Wait a minute… how is it that you know about the Haggarium?

Princess Rikku: I know about it for Pidge and Hunk told me a bit about it. as did my daughters. they came across it several times since all this began. it’s been a very long struggle for them. i think that you might know… by now that it tried taking a member of my family. Prince Richie almost died and was bound to be lost due to that stuff. but Betty saved him.

Tammy: *Gasps* That part… i didn’t know about. i didn’t know that it caused that much trouble. Did it hurt Pidge at all? Or Betty?

Princess Rikku: No. it did not. it for the fortunate part… steered clear of them. but my 3 girls are out training. they are pissed at that Drule. Dinah is a loose cannon. I have no doubt that she is gonna be flaming hot mad and wanting to explode at Lotor. we all do.

Tammy: You are not the only ones. i would like to get at that Drule for infecting me with this Haggarium and keeping me away from my Love. When i get cured of the infection… he better not come near me. because… i have alot to say to him. i’m gonna give him a real piece of my mind.

Princess Rikku: that’s the same thing i want to do. my whole family wants to nail him.

As they continued to speak with each other… they felt a quake strike, but it was very quick and rather light. Tammy was lead to the house to see Pidge… she stayed at a distance and spotted him. It placed a smile on her face and made her feel happy again. She knew that it was not much… but it was gonna have to do till she was truly cured of the haggarium. However as for the Rhapsody Girls, they were getting rather beat and banged up… but were really getting real training in. they were not giving up. it was getting hot and they were cooking it up. As they trained… they started to figure that it was time to call for the Rhapsody brothers. to train with them and perform maneuvers and evasions and perform sneak attacks every which way. they were preparing for all that the Drule was gonna use against them. they were gonna be ready for anything that the Drule cooked up. But their training was cut short when a beast showed up to greet them…

Paige: Looks like the Drule wants to mess with us.

Pearl: Well He’s gonna have to do alot better than this. because if he thinks that he’s scaring us with this… he’s so not thinking clear.

Dinah: Besides… he’s just asking for a real hurt-lock. he’s really asking for it.

Prince Alvin: *Showing up with his brothers* Well… don’t worry. you girls have trained hard. you don’t need to worry about it. We’ll all get it.

Prince Arnold: that’s right. King Lotor tried to off us just the other day and failed. he thought that he was gonna just get rid of us Rhapsody brothers. We sure showed him. there is no stopping us. we won’t let him get us. not ever.

Prince Avery: Let’s get this beast… then we’ll head to the battle ground and you can let that sorry Drule have it. he is gonna be feeling the pain.

Prince Curtis: Let’s get him electrified.

Dinah: I got the Thunder and Lightning if you got the Boom.

Prince Arnold: With the Water and Aquatic Bubbles… we’ll wash this beast out.

Prince Avery: Prince Alvin and i got the burn.

Paige: and i got the Love. We’ll put that Drule in his place. Love will win.

Pearl: Bubbles will scrub him down and chip him down.

Dinah: Thunder from my Thunder Discs will blow him down.

Paige: *Launching an Attack at the beast* Love’s Blast!

Pearl: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Bubble Explosion!

Dinah: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Thunder Blast!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Inferno Torch!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Aquatic Storm!

Prince Avery: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Plasma BURN!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Megaton Thunder!

Paige: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Love’s Bliss!

Pearl: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Bubble Wave!

Dinah: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Thunder Shocker!

Prince Alvin: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Fire Wave!

Prince Arnold: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Raging Flood!

Prince Avery: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Burning Acid!

Prince Curtis: *Launching an Attack  at the beast* Electric Pulse!

Paige: Group attack. *Looking at her sisters and then at the Rhapsody Brothers* Hit it high… Hit it fast! GO!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Launching an attack at the beast* Rhapsody BEAM!!!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Launching an attack at the beast* Heavenly burning beam!

Paige: We got it… Direct hit!

Dinah: *Cheers* Ha haaaa! Awesome. We got the tools… we got the power.

Pearl: *Thinking* i can’t wait till this is all over. i wonder what new dresses the store will have after this is all over.

Prince Alvin: *Groans* Ugh! Girls!

All: *Laughing*

Prince Avery: We also got our pets too!

Prince Arnold: That’s right. *Pressing a button on his watch and calling for his monkey* Princess Aqua… Come here girl!

Prince Curtis: *Calling for his Eagle friend* Hawk-eye… come to papa. come to your loving master Curtis.

Prince Avery:  *Blowing a whistle* Eric… Here boy… come here.

Prince Alvin: *Hearing his Raven cawing nearby* Over here Crystal… come here girl.

Suddenly the animals arrive to the boys and pant  and make purring sounds looking happy…

Paige: *Seeing a Raven* Wow! She’s really pretty. what does she do?

Prince Alvin: She can whistle the tune of any song without even missing a single beat.

Dinah: Whoa! *Surprised* You’re kidding? Really?!

Pearl: She sure looks really pretty and so beautiful for a Raven. *Smiles*

They looked up and saw that it was getting dark. It was becoming nightfall and they knew that it was almost time for them to make their way over to the final showdown. the girls were ready… but deep down knew that it was not the end. they were scared deep down… Paige wanted King Lotor to pay for all the pain he caused them. She wasn’t the only one. her sisters Betty and Angel also wanted him to pay. the whole family.

As for their Aunt Mrs. Stroker…

Mrs. Stroker: *Flying through space and looming closer to Planet Pollux* …

a few minutes have passed and as soon as she made it to the planet…

Mrs. Stroker: *Roaring as she made a landing*

Sven was nearby and Riding his faithful stead when he heard a roar nearby…

Sven: *Looking ahead and seeing a Dragon* Vat’s dat? A dragon? Vat could a Dragon ve doing here? I better go and take a look.

Mrs. Stroker: *Breathing some fire to warm up a bit due to the chilly weather on the planet* …. *Roaring loudly for a brief time before turning into her human form* That’s much better.

Sven: *a few steps away and looking at Mrs. Stroker* Mrs. Stroker? Vat brings you here?

Mrs. Stroker: The Cure. I heard that there is a Cure here for the Haggarium. is it here? I am here on call to pick it up and get it to the ones on Arus who got infected with the Haggarium.

Sven: *Gasps* Oh dear. that es terrible news. yes. ve got the cure. it’s at the castle. Hop on Mrs. Stroker. I shall take you der.

Mrs. Stroker: *Hopping onto the horse and riding back to the castle with Sven*

Would the cure be there? All she could do was hope that it was. As for Tammy, She smiled as she went back to Arus feeling pleased for seeing or being able to get a brief look at her love from a distance. she was happy and went back to Arus. She got there with no flare-ups and went right into the medical wing and laid back down…

Inside the Medical Wing…

Larmina: *Spotting Tammy back in bed* Huh? Tammy’s back already. What happened? Did she have a change of heart and decide to come back?

Lance: *Coughing* I guess. *Reading his book* I need some action… but till the infection is gone… i can’t do anything. Keith is still struggling with the infection… but there seems to be a break with him… He’s come out of the coma… but he’s deeply infected with the Infection. it’s got him in pain.

Queen Allura: *Watching through the observation window; Looking in* Poor Keith… Please hold on… *With tears in her eyes*

As for Betty and Angel…

Betty: it’s about to start…

Angel: *Looking at her sister* What? What’s about to start? What do you mean?

Betty: The Final Showdown.

Angel: *Shocked and with surprise* The What?! It’s gonna start? When… Where?

Betty: On Planet Doom.

Angel: Planet Doom?

Betty: Yes.

Angel: Is that where The Drule King wants the Final Showdown to happen?

Betty: Yes. I’m afraid so.

Angel: What’ll we do? The girls are gonna be in danger. that Drule is not gonna play fair with them…

Betty: we need to help them… but i can’t go. If i get anywhere near the Haggarium… it could kill me.

Angel: As much as i don’t like the thought of it… we’re gonna have to chance it. we need to go and help them.

Betty: let’s go.

But as for Paige, Pearl and Dinah…

The girls and the Rhapsody Brothers were still at the forest when suddenly they felt a shaking going on in the ground… it was very strong and it sent them into the bushes before opening a hole which led to a rip… By time they landed and found out where they were… it was too late.

They were on planet Doom… and lost…

Paige: Oh…

Pearl: My…

Dinah: God… We’re back. The planet where we got lured to once…

Prince Alvin: Crystal… Go forward Sweet girl. Fly ahead and find us a way out. Whistle if you find a way out.

Prince Curtis: *Looking at his Hawk* Hawk-eye… Follow Crystal. watch out for any trouble.

Prince Arnold: Princess Aqua, You stay here with me. *Feeling her shaking a little* There there… it’s okay. don’t be scared. it’ll be alright.

Prince Avery: *With his dog next to him* How do we get out of here? This baron wasteland… is huge. Will we ever find a castle on this dark dreadful planet?

Paige: Well… we found it once before… maybe we’ll get lucky and see it.

King Lotor: *Voice* Welcome to my planet. be sure to stay awhile because you will most definitely not be leaving here anytime soon. Come on closer if you dare. come to the castle Arena… i will be waiting for you… Come and meet your doom! *Laughing maniacally* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

They heard the voice and knew that they had to be close somewhere… the girls looked through the wasteland and caught sight of a castle over a distance. they were close. but were so lost inside the baron doom forest of Planet Doom. they were unsure which way to go to get out of the maze… But they took it step at a time… Eventually they arrived at the castle…

It was time for the Final Showdown to get going… they were now inside the Doom Castle Arena battleground… Who was gonna launch the first strike? Would the battle fall upon the favor of the Rhapsody Girls? is there a chance for the Voltron force to get the cure sooner and aide in the fight? Where were Betty and Angel? were they planning on helping in the fight? It was all hands on deck. Could it mean the end for King Lotor? Fire up the engines of war… it’s time. Find out how it starts off…  Find out in chapter 21 as the saga of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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