The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #9 Double your pleasure Double your fun…Double your pleasure With Doublemint Doublemint Haggarium… Part#1

a week later… On Planet Doom…

Maahox: *Chortling with Glee watching the creations come to life* These 3 girls will be the most remarkable creatures in the whole galaxy. King Lotor will be so pleased. *Seeing the 3 Doom girls rise up and give out a sinister but friendly expression upon their face* Welcome to the living, Doom Rhapsody girls…

Doom Paige: Thank you. *Looking at Maahox* you are rather odd looking for a scientist, but you must be pretty intelligent to be creating the likes of we 3 girls.

Doom Pearl: *Smiles* Yeah. I love the darkness. it’s pleasant. the light is waste of time and a hindrance to us dark ones.

Doom Dinah: Why exactly were we created?

Maahox: *Pressing a button showing off the screen producing a picture of the 3 Rhapsody girls of the light* These are the reason. these 3 girls are your other halves. They are of the light and your purpose is to pose as them long enough to  get those close to them to hate them. to loathe them. posing as them and hurt them.

Doom Paige: Hurting 3 innocent girls is rather mean. they’re not our enemies. they haven’t done anything to us.

Maahox: But you’re gonna do something to them. That’s the purpose of your creation. you’re made to serve King Lotor. he wants them to suffer.

Doom Pearl: Alright… we’ll do it. just stop being so tweaked about it.

Doom Dinah: Maybe it’ll be fun. making the girls of the light world suffer. we’re of Doom. so it shouldn’t be that hard to do… we do look like them and we’re sure to get everyone thinking that it was them doing such mean things. and causing mischief.

Doom Girls: *Snickering with a sinister grin and mischievous laughs* Heh heh heh!

In Metropolis…

It was a cold day out and it was a bit windy… however things were pretty peaceful and at ease.  at least that was what it felt like. But things were gonna change as the 3 girls were walking their way to school. wearing Jackets and thick coats.

Paige: *Walking to school* It’s sure a cold day out. *rubbing her hands* It got cold suddenly. Winter is coming… isn’t it?

Pearl: *Sniffing and feeling a little stuffed up* Yeah. Flu season is on its way.

Dinah: Winter though means there’ll be Ice Skating going on at the park pretty soon. I never ice skated before but i’ll try anything once when it comes to sports. i’m just hoping that i don’t get expected to wear some stupid skirt because that’s gonna kill my interest in ice skating.

Paige: *Seeing 3 girls up ahead* Huh?! What’s going on here? girls… i think we got a problem… there are 3 girls up ahead. but…

Pearl: *Looking at Paige* But what? What wrong Paige?

Paige: *Seeing the 3 girls* The girl up there looks just like… ME! How the heck is that possible? Do i really have a Mirror image copy?

Dinah: *seeing a couple of dark men coming from the side* Let’s just get to school.

But seconds later they were grabbed and dragged to an underground hideout. and tied up. Gagged too. And the 3 Doom girls suddenly assumed the identities of the 3 Rhapsody girls and went into the school. No one knew that they were not the real Rhapsody girls. they looked exactly like the real ones and there was nothing to tell them apart.

During first period… The doom girls were in English… they instead of doing work… they copied from someone else and got caught intentionally. it was a test and they failed it deliberately.

Teacher: Paige, Pearl… Dinah! Get over here on the double. I am shocked at you 3. you 3 are always hard workers and very responsible and know the grammar. But you failed this test. Why? Why would you fail this test? This was a pretty important test.

Doom Paige: So? does it matter?

Doom Pearl: we don’t care. The test was just a waste of time.

Doom Dinah: Yeah. if it’s such a important test, why don’t you take it?

Teacher: Talking back to the teacher… that is not polite.

Doom Paige: yeah yeah.

Doom Pearl:  whatever you say… Windbag.

Doom Dinah: *Sticking her tongue out at the teacher* Nya nya nya nya nya nya.  *Snickers*

Classmates: *Gasps* They flipped.

and they kept committing mean acts all throughout the day…

during break…

Doom Paige: School sucks. Let’s go and see if we can sneak out of school or something.

Doom Pearl: And the fact that we have to listen to these old fossils… pathetic and a waste of time. good idea. let’s ditch this place.

Doom Dinah:  Right. *Scoffs* Stupid school and its rules.

Suddenly Betty came walking by and overheard them talking about skipping school…

Doom Paige: If i have to sit through another class and listen to an old fossil yap on with pointless things… i’m gonna scream. Let’s ditch this place. we can go and do our own thing and leave this school stuff to the rest of the family. it’s not worth it.

Betty: *Walking up to the girls* What are you girls up to this time? Are you girls trying to expose your identities?

Doom Pearl: And what if we are? Why the hell don’t you mind your own business? *Scoffs* I swear… you and your Holy righteous attitude. “Oh Look at me… i am a follower of god. i believe in him.” Grow the hell up. No one believes in that kind of stuff anymore. By you going by what he says every time and living his way… you’re not living. you’re a drone and a hack.

Betty: *Snaps* Hey… What’s gotten into you girls? I’m not just a girl… i’m also a hero and also your sister.

Doom Dinah: Yeah… we know that. but you’re also a pain in the ass. GET LOST! There is no GOD! GOD IS DEAD! DEAL WITH IT!

Betty: *Feeling upset and hearing as those words hit right to her heart* That is the lowest thing anyone’s ever said to me. and to think that i had to hear it from my own sisters… *Running off in tears* …. *Crying*

Doom Paige:  *Rolling her eyes* What a baby. she is such a crybaby loser. no wonder no one likes her. she’s a pathetic loser.

Seconds later…

Angel: *Walking over to the girls* You girls are acting up in school. we just heard from the teachers from your morning classes… How could you girls fail your English test? That was a major one. you failed it. Why?

Doom Pearl: **Scoffs* Because we wanted to.

Angel: Why?

Doom Dinah: What does it matter to you? why don’t you go and do your gloomy act somewhere. you’re always so gloomy. talking in such a gloomy tone and always being with the attitude that nothing is worth living for. Why don’t you put yourself out of your own misery if you’re Sooooo unhappy with life? you act like everyone is falling into a meaningless pit of existence. you’re not happy unless everyone is gloomy just as much as you are. you shouldn’t even be among the living talking like that.

Doom Paige: You’re such a freak.

Angel: That is cruel.

Doom Pearl: *Taunting and making faces* Awww! Poor poor baby. Why don’t you act your age and stop being such a downer. no one wants to deal with a person like you… you’re so dull and depressing.

Angel: Life is unfair… *Gloomy* There is no point in living life for it only ends in death.

Doom Dinah: *Rolling her eyes* Let’s get away from this loser. she’s seriously bad for our karma. it’s making me sick.

Doom Paige: With pleasure.

The 3 girls Walked away and left Betty and Angel in devastation. they were doing damage and hurting all those that the good Paige, Pearl and Dinah knew. it was only gonna continue for they saw the Rhapsody brothers and flirted with them then broke their hearts. It was terrible… but what was worse about it though was that the Doom Girls looked exactly like the Rhapsody girls… No one could tell that they weren’t them.

On Arus…

Pidge: *Sensing something wrong* I can’t get a hold of the girls… The girls aren’t responding.

Tammy: What do you think happened to them? *Worried*

Pidge: that’s what i’d like to know… i see 3 girls on screen who look just like them… but they aren’t responding to my call. *Trying again*

But what he didn’t know was that the girls on screen were not the real Rhapsody girls. they were just the dark copies of the Rhapsody girls….

The matter was about to go from bad to worse… the sirens went off and began blaring. there was trouble on Arus again…

In the Control Room…

Keith: *observing the monitor* We got a problem… we got a sighting of two Robeasts… and they are both tearing up the village. They’re coming this way they have steel like surfaces.

Lance: What’ll we do? We ought to go and handle those things. it could get really ugly out there…

Larmina: we’re gonna need back-up for this… aren’t we?

Hunk: Well… *Looking at the Monitor* from what i hear is that my little buddy was trying to get a hold of them for a couple hours now and was unable to reach them. it’s almost sounding like their transponders were jammed and wasn’t picking up.

Lance: So that means… that we’re on our own this time. doesn’t it?

Keith: That’s right lance. that’s unfortunately exactly what it means.

Lance: If that’s what it takes… so be it. we’re on our own. I sure hope that wherever the girls are that they are okay or safe.

Hunk: Me too. Those girls are really strong… but if they’re not answering… it must mean that they’re in school and aren’t able to pull away.

Larmina: Coran… Lift up the shafts.

Coran: *at the controls; nods* Quite Right. Good luck team. *Raising the panel and opening the shafts leading to the lions*

Keith: To the lions…

1. Keith… Black

2. Lance… Red

3. Hunk…yellow

4. Tammy… Green

5. Larmina… Blue

Once they were in the sky… they made way to face the two robeasts that were causing such trouble tearing up the village and spewing poisonous mist all over the greenery…making people sick. It was gonna be hard to face the beasts without the Rhapsody girls coming to the rescue. They were gonna have no choice but to pray for a miracle that they could win the battle without them… unfortunately it was about to get worse…

From a nearby Doom Battleship…

Maahox: *Giving the call* Doom Girls… WE NEED YOU!!! *Thinking to himself* Let’s see the pesky Voltron force try to handle their worst nightmare. the Darkness of the Rhapsody girls. The Doom Girls.

In metropolis…

at the school…

Doom Girls: *Hearing the call*

Doom Paige: Master calls. let’s go.

The 3 dark girls then sneak out of class and run to the roof… and then…

The Doom Girls group formation…

Doom Paige, Doom Pearl, Doom Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Doom Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DOOM PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Doom Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DOOM PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Doom Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DOOM DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Doom Paige, Doom Pearl and Doom Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* DOOM GIRLS… Z!

Doom Paige, Doom Pearl and Doom Dinah: *Heading to assist their master* Here we come master.

As soon as they got to the scene and saw that they were going against the Voltron force who were also good friends of the ones they were posing as the Doom girls laughed and got ready to attack the lions…

Doom Paige: Hey, you freaks in there are gonna be crushed. Have a nice day.

Keith: *Seeing the girls up ahead* Paige?! What are you girls doing?

Doom Paige: This! Girls… ATTACK THEM!

Doom Pearl and Doom Dinah: You got it.

Doom Paige: *Attacking the Lions* Hearts of EVIL!!!

Doom Pearl: *Attacking the Lions* Burning Acid Bubbles!

Doom Dinah: *Attacking the Lions* Darkness ELECTROCUTIONS!

Keith: *taking the hits* Ahhh!

Lance: *Taking the hits* Ahhh!

Hunk: *Taking the hits* Ahhh!

Tammy: *Taking the hits* Ahhh!

Larmina: *Taking the hits* Ahhh!

The Lions fall down to the ground with a thud and the pilots are knocked out cold… The two robeasts make an advance to the Village edge and the forest It was not looking good for the Voltron force… but with the damage already done… The 3 girls went back to metropolis and while still posing as the good girls did even more damage. they shoplifted and what was even worse was that they stole beer. making everyone think it was the 3 girls that they all knew and loved…  they shoplifted beer and made way with a few things of cash…

But at the Underground hideout…

Paige: *Breaking loose from the ties that were binding her and her sisters* I’m gonna get us out of here… that’s for sure… Those men are gonna get it. Wait till i get my hands on them. I maybe a young girl… but darn it… i can get really mad! *Breaking her sisters loose from the ropes and taking the gags off of them*

Pearl: Thanks… that was the worst thing ever… Who were those guys?

Dinah: I don’t know… but *Rubbing her head* My head sure feels like it’s been hit by a racket like a racket to a racket-ball.

Paige: Let’s get out of here. come on.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah make their way out of the hideout and into the city… but find that things have been messed up. The people were scowling at them and they didn’t even know why.  Paige looked at all the people and wondered what was going on as was Pearl and Dinah. they were confused as to what was going on and were stunned to see how much damage was done in their absence.

It was not looking good for the girls… they were about to come to realize that the 3 girls they saw that looked like them posed as them and got things to where what ever the girls did in their absence… they were gonna be the ones blamed for if. Paige and her sisters were lost and didn’t know what happened… but they were unfortunately about to find out.

At Princess Rikku’s house… That night…

Paige: *Walking into the Kitchen*  Mom, something very weird is going on.

Princess Rikku: *Not looking at Paige* I don’t want to even hear any excuses from you Paige. nor do i want to hear any from Pearl or Dinah. You 3 have caused much damage. all over the city. at school. You 3 made your sisters Betty and Angel really upset. Betty is crying her heart out and her faith is shattered. she is now suffering an identity crisis. Angel is Suicidal now. she is being watched right now because she made 6 attempts at killing herself when she got home from school. My Cousin… your Uncle King John is Pissed at me… about what you 3 did to your Cousins The Rhapsody brothers. you 3 tried flirting with them and then shot them down and broke their hearts. At school… you back talked the teachers. and got 5 days suspension and 2 hours of detention each. you 3 also failed your English test too. And also caused damage in the city. Shoplifting Alcohol from a store. HOW COULD YOU?!

Paige: *Gasps and trying to explain* But…. Mom. we didn’t do anything like that. we’d never do anything like that. we were tied up and put into some underground hide-out. we were also knocked out cold for a while. we weren’t even in school. whoever it was that happened to be in school looking like us… were posing. we never did that stuff.

Pearl: *Walking into the Kitchen* it’s true… we never did that stuff. we’re innocent.

Dinah: *Walking into the Kitchen and standing with her sisters* Yeah. mom, you got to believe us. we never would have done that stuff. that’s not us. we’re not the type to talk back to a teacher and fail a test on purpose. We’d never say those mean things to Betty and Angel… plus we would never flirt with our cousins. i mean… Ugh! that’s sick.

Princess Rikku: i don’t want to hear it. you 3 girls have done enough damage and as far as i’m concerned… you 3 are gonna be goin’ without any dinner. Maybe a night without eating will snap you 3 into learning respect for family. *Pointing upstairs* Now MARCH TO YOUR ROOM AND GET TO BED!! *Broken and devastated*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Running to their rooms crying with broken hearts*

It was sad… no one believed them and there was nothing that they could do to convince people that it wasn’t them. the 3 girls who were posing as them looked exactly like them and made it where no one knew that there was something different about them. it was over… their lives were ruined. there was nothing they could do.  What were they gonna do now? With things going wrong and going by far against them… what hopes did they have that they could make things right again? they had the school to worry about… Family. as in their sisters and Cousins. they had the City to apologize to. plus… to make matters worse… they didn’t even want to think about what the posers did to their friends on Arus. Would things ever change for them? Will they be able to fix the issues that were created by the 3 Doom girls who looked exactly like them? Would anyone find it in them to forgive the Rhapsody Girls for everything that has happened? Find out in Chapter 10 of the saga as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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