The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #8 Lucy in the Sky with…Haggarium.

It was Saturday night and all was quiet in the city. it was silent in the house where Princess Rikku resided with her kids. they were out and with not a worry one. Princess Rikku was with her daughters at the movies. Everyone spends times with their kids… whether they be normal or a bit abnormal. however in the end… they all are together.  Paige was eating her favorite movie candy… the Gummy worms. she loved the fruitiness of it. Pearl was eating M&M’s mixed with Reese’s pieces. she loved the colors. she always paid close attention to the colors as she was into fashion. Dinah was however not feeling so good. she had to stay home and was tended to by her Aunt Princess Charlene. Dinah woke up that morning feeling really queasy and with a runny nose. she sneezed. she was left out of the movie night and she felt lonely. Betty stayed with her as well. she knew that Dinah was gonna need someone to spend time with her. But that night… the peace was gonna end up being in short supply. Because King Lotor had a scheme brewin’.

At home…

Dinah: *Sneezing* Achoo! rotten cold. i can’t even watch my sports because i am stuck in this bed. *Falling asleep* maybe some sleep will help me relax.

Betty: *Walking in* Dinah, how you feeling?

Dinah: *Sniffing; feeling stuffed up* like crud. i can’t even go out and play some ball. i am also feeling Queasy. must have been something that i ate. you think?

Betty: Well it couldn’t have been that, Dinah. you were pretty fine last night. After Larmina left we all went to bed and you happened have felt just fine.

Dinah:So that means that i got sick over night. i caught something… didn’t i?

Betty: i think so. it wasn’t anything food related.

Dinah: i can’t take being in the bed. is there at least a T.V in here so if nothing more… i can at least put on a movie? this quiet feeling is driving me crazy. i am about to go nuts.

Betty: There is a T.V in here… I’ll turn it on and put on a movie for you. *Turning on the T.V for Dinah* There you go.

Dinah: *Sighs* I’m sorry if i sound like a real sticker in the side. You’re wanting to be with the secret crush you have.

Betty:  I know… It’s okay.

Dinah: *Groans* I just hate being sick… I can’t even play with my little hackey-sack ball.

Betty:i know the feeling. I never figured that being sick would be a drag though. it’s not all that bad when you think about it. it give you the chance to be waited on. It’s not like you get sick all the time. but being sick does have its perks. being waited on. and tended to. being taken cared of by people who care about you.

Dinah: *Falls back and landing her head onto the pillow behind her* Ohhhh! This is never gonna end…

Princess Charlene: *Walking in* Are you okay Dinah?

Dinah: *Growls* No… I am not okay. i am stuck in bed. i feel like a hospital patient. Look at this… I look Pathetic. i am stuck in BED AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Betty: i feel really bad for you Dinah. If only there was something i could do to help you get better… and get your mind off being stuck in the bed.

With Dinah in bed… there was gonna be a problem for Paige and Pearl for they couldn’t fight without her. Dinah was getting restless and knew that unless she found something to take her mind off being stuck in the bed and being bedridden for the time being she was gonna end up going nuts. She had her Aunt princess Charlene put in an action packed movie. something called “Air force one”. It was gonna have to be pulsing with action to take her mind off of being stuck in bed. she was into action and was more than okay to see a movie. it wasn’t an outing… but at least she was able to be with family. she had her sister and her Aunt with her. that was something to make her feel better… knowing that she had people around her that cared for her. But Princess Charlene and Betty weren’t the only ones there. Prince Richie was also there. he was quite the gentleman. he kept bringing her cups of tea and had swirls of Honey in it.

Dinah was more of an energy drink kind of girl but she accepted the tea and smiled before drinking it. she was not one to complain about what was given to her. she took a drink of it and drank it down. Even though she never would drink tea… Hot tea. she turned out to find it quite refreshing and asked for a few more cups of it. which helped her sweat out a bit of the sickness. she however still kept sneezing a bit… but it was a lot better than what it was earlier… although she didn’t realize that her sisters Paige and Pearl were inside the house and were asleep. it was past midnight when things got very quiet.

On planet Doom…

King Lotor was getting ready for another assault on Arus. but he also wanted to torture the 3 girls for hurting him. he never took things personally, but he was so into causing trouble that it gave him no greater entertainment but to stir up any sort of mischief that he could. He summoned Maahox to create a Robeast to stamper through Metropolis. He also wanted to send a Swarm of Attack ships to Arus as well as a Robeast to shake the planet up a bit.

King Lotor’s Monster Making top Mad scientist. Maahox is his name and Making Nasty and clever works of Robeast masterpieces is his game.

Maahox: I will get on it right away sire…

King Lotor: *Suddenly thinking of something more clever* Wait! Better yet…. Hold on with attacking. Let’s make it interesting and send a robeast with Diamonds inside it. Haggarium diamonds. one hit and the Voltron force will be infected.

Maahox: And about the girls?

King Lotor: forget about them for now. i may be a rotten king and allpowerful full of Haggarium. but even i… I have my code of ethics. i don’t believe in cheap shots and i want to be against all 3 of them. not just just 2 out of 3.

Maahox: I couldn’t agree more. *Grins evilly* I can’t imagine seeing the 3 young girls getting the best of you. they are scrawny girls… they stand about the same chance against you as the Voltron force do. and that’s not much at all.

King Lotor: Don’t be so Oblivious… they are not as weak as you say they might be. i know… for… i unfortunately fought them. and that one in green… She is a real fire-cracker. she packs a mean punch.

Maahox: Then if this latest attack doesn’t go as a success… there is a idea that can get them shaken up.

King Lotor: And What’s that?

Maahox: A Mirror image of the 3 girls. Exact look-a likes but instead of being of light. they’ll be of darkness and be spreading hatred. the opposite of Love.

King Lotor: No! 3 of them is bad enough… but to make a mirror image of them? That is out of the question. 3 is enough. but 6 is… *Groans* Please don’t make me finish that statement.

Maahox: But sire… these 3 will be serving you. not them. for they will be spreading trouble and hatred in your name… which is the opposite of the 3 Rhapsody girls and their cause for Justice and Love. your 3 will be of doom and hatred. not to forget Darkness.

King Lotor: *Thinking* Hmm. that could work out to my advantage. seeing the trouble they will cause and leave the blame to be all on the 3 Rhapsody girls. The Rhapsody Girls won’t know what hit them. Their good easy lives will be ruined. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Maahox: Our Current attack on the Voltron force is about to begin. i shall send out our Robeast Warrior and issue a heavy swarm of attack ships to go along and attack the Village while the robeast goes for the Voltron force. *Grinning with a sinister smile*

King Lotor: Good work. *Grinning sinisterly*

However on Planet Arus… at the castle of lions… in the Lounge.

Lance: *In the Lounge relaxing* It’s sure a quiet night out.

Keith: It’s peaceful for a change. I guess that Lotor is falling back a bit on trying to pester us with his attempts on causing mayhem upon the planet.

Lance: Yeah. I guess so. it’s been rather quiet all day.

Keith: *Sighs* Nothing seems to last long though… If we know Lotor and we most certainly do know him pretty well… he won’t be staying silent for very long. he is just itching to cause a scene.

Lance: *Grins* How can you tell? You certainly aren’t gonna be trying to read his every move… are you?

Keith: *Shaking his head* No… Lance, i’m not. I just don’t trust Lotor. he never backs off without having something up his sleeve.

Lance: *Chuckles* Okay, now you’re being a cynic.

Keith: Where are the others?

Lance: Well… Hunk and Tammy are with Pidge working on some inventions again. building something. i think it’s for the 3 girls.

Keith: Well he is now their professor. he’s their professor. so he’s just fulfilling that responsibility.

Lance: That includes research and other things pertaining to them. Pidge really must consider himself a part of the family or something. he’s just so into them.

Keith: And he is into being a father to his Daughter Betty. She’s his Daughter. Larmina came out with that bit. it’s a bit a shock. Pidge a father? i never even knew about that. nor did i know how it were possible.

Lance: Well Larmina is in the Control room looking over the monitors. she’s putting in some overtime.

Suddenly the sirens go off and call the force to action…

a minute later…

Keith: *In the Control Room* Larmina, What’s going on?

Lance: *Spotting a weird looking robeast on the monitor* Keith, i don’t think you want to know what it is… because there is a beast out there not far from the Village and it’s coming this way….

Hunk: *Looking at the robeast showing on the monitor* It’s got Diamonds on it they’re all purple. Full of Haggarium. That’s not good.

Tammy: *Scoffs* Will Lotor ever learn? he’s stooped to using Diamonds on a Robeast and pump them all full of Haggarium. Using a Jewel that is said to be a girl’s best friend.

Larmina: *Shrugs* So… What’ll we do?

Keith: We do what is right… we go out and stop that beast. take it out of commission.

Lance: Saving the people… *Catching sight of attack ships* Ah… Great. it’s brought a few friends along for the party. Too bad we don’t have enough Punch for everyone.

Hunk: *faking a laugh* aha aha aha! Very funny.

Tammy: Enough talk… let’s go.

Coran: *At the controls* All pilots to their stations.

Keith: Yeah heard it team. time to go.

Lance: Right!

Tammy: *Kissing Pidge on the lips* Love you. We’ll be back.

Pidge: Go get’em Sweetie. *Kissing Tammy on the lips*

Seconds later…

1. Keith… Black

2. Lance… Red

3. Hunk…yellow

4. Tammy… Green

5. Larmina… Blue

Keith: *In the Black Lion; Issuing command to the team* Insert Keys.

Lance/Hunk/Tammy/Larmina: *Inserting their keys into the key slot* Keys set. Let’s do it!

The Lions all take off and soar into the sky and over to where the Robeast is at. They were gonna blast that beast down to size and prevent it from inflicting harm on the Village. the Village was still trying to rebuild itself after dealing with an attack on it not long ago. The Village was still trying to recover and with each Robeast attack that came on Arus… it was gonna make it near impossible for the Villagers and the people to cope and attempt to press on with their lives.  The Robeast was ready to fire it’s attack at the villagers and bring what was left of the homes to the ground. But The Voltron force was not about to just watch and allow for any more devastation to befall the innocent people.

Tammy: *Blasting at the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Lion Torch!

Lance: *Firing at the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Proton missiles!

Hunk: *Attacking the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Lion Grenades!

Keith: *attacking the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Lion blades!

Tammy: *Attacking the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Proton Missiles!

Lance: *Attacking the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Lion torch!

Larmina: *Attacking the Haggarium Diamond Studded Robeast* Lion ice blaster!

They attack at the beast and gave it a beating… but there was no stopping it.

Larmina: It’s late at night… but we got no choice. it’s time the call for the Rhapsody Girls.

Keith: Right! Tammy! make the call.

Tammy: You got it. *Calling the Girls* Rhapsody Girls… WE NEED YOU!!!

In Metropolis… at Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige: *Waking up to a glow and seeing her power belt flashing and sounding off* Oh no… *Waking up her sisters* Pearl, Dinah! We got trouble… we got to go.

Pearl: *Waking up* What?

Paige: Trouble.

Dinah: *Rising up fast* What?! Where?

Paige: One guess.

Pearl and Dinah: Arus.

Paige: You got it.

Pearl: A battle at this time of night is really mean. *Yawning* Let’s do it.

Dinah: I could fight in my sleep. *Yawning* Rhapsody girls ride again.

The 3 girls then head out to their back yard and look to make sure that no one is out to see them and then…

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Betty: *Right behind the girls* You girls are going off to battle at 3 in the morning? You girls are heroes… but don’t you happen to realize that it’s a bit kooky to go and try to save the day when it’s late at night or really early in the morning? People will be able to see your light.  the trail that you leave behind. anyone who might be stirring in the night could see it and it’ll be all over the news. The purpose of being heroes and be able to protect them is to be under secrecy. going out when it’s dark out… is asking for exposure. the kind you don’t want.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Would you lay off that stuff Betty? If we can’t do this and possibly risk getting exposed as supers… then what on earth are we even doing this hero thing for?

Pearl: We got to go…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying off into the night and heading to Arus*

Betty: *Thinking to herself before turning into a White Raven and Flying after her sisters* I swear… i’d have better luck raising cats. the girls are just not getting it.

Back on Arus…

Keith: *Looking for the girls* Where are they? Aren’t they coming?

Hunk: I hope so. because this beast is getting pretty tough and it’s trying to push back…

Tammy: Well they were called. all we can do is hope for a sign.

Larmina: *Seeing a flash in the sky* They’re here. Here they come…

Paige: *Attacking the Attack ships* Love’s Swarm!

Pearl: *Attacking the Attack ships* Snapping Bubbles!

Dinah: *Attacking the Attack ships* Thunder Diamond Shatter!

Lance: Good to see you girls!

Paige:  *Waves* Same here. We’ll take care of the Attack ships and then attack the beast in means of weakening it. But Form that Robot and then watch for the beast to expose a weak point. that’s when Voltron will finish the beast.

Keith: You got it. *To his team* Alright Team… Get ready to form Voltron… ACTIVATE INTERLOCKS, DYNATHERMS CONNECTED, INFRACELS UP, MEGA THRUSTERS ARE GO!!

Keith/Lance/Hunk/Tammy/Larmina: *Chanting* Let’s go VOLTRON FORCE!

Keith: ‎*the lions form Voltron* FORM FEET AND LEGS!! FORM ARMS AND BODY!! AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD!!

Paige: *Attacking the ships* Love Blaster!

Pearl: *Attacking the ships* Bubble Explosion!

Dinah: *Attacking the ships* Thunder Chain!

Betty: *Forming a Bow and Arrow and emittng Holy energy into it; Chanting a spell: “Lord of the heavens, Hear my call rain a piercing rain of your wrath upon the souls of the wicked. Let the Evil that walk feel your piercing wrath” Shooting an arrow up into the sky and with her mind creating a dark stormy sky; Shooting up a blast of Holy energy at the arrow turning the arrow into a billion arrows of light; Launching the attack at (The attack ships)* Heaven’s PIERCING STORM!

The Attack ships were suddenly all destroyed and the attack blasted them all with a direct hit. It however also hit the robeast and got it mad… The Girls were gonna have to move quick to keep it under control and hopefully expose a weak spot… but the beast was starting to let out diamond powder… into the air. harmless but cold…

Paige: *Launching an attack at the robeast* Sparkling Hearts!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at the robeast* Bubble BLAST!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at the robeast* Diamond Sweeper! *Sending a Blast of Thunder and energy at the robeast* Take that!

Betty: *Holding her hands out and Emitting a energy ball in each hand. One pink and one white. making the balls glow bright. Chanting a spell: “Love of the Lord and the love from his heart… Glow bright and grow true… Heavens’s Embrace… make your stand. unleash your might and burn the Unholy being with your light” Making the balls grow and rise to 10 feet in diameter; Combining the balls together and watching the ball grow bigger; Holding her hands back for a split second before lauching the Orb; Launching the attack at (The Robeast)* Heavenly Orb BLAST!!!! Again! *Gathering Energy and building up Spiritual power and letting the light pour into her; Heating up and reaching Critical mass; Rising up and foring large massive Angelic Wings; getting up high in the sky and with her Massive Angelic Wings Blocking out the sun; casting darkness upon the land below while the suns rays flow into her; Chanting a spell in German* Herr der Sonne … der Gott der Sonne … Herr des Himmels blinde diese bösen Wesen … brennen Sie es mit Ihrem Zorn und lassen Sie das Licht des Herrn zu ertränken ihn mit seiner Liebe.*With her Wings at full strength and ready to fire; Uncovering the sun and Launching the attack at (The Robeast) Blinding the Evil with the Holy Light of god* SPIRITUAL SOLAR FLARE!!! One more time…  *Gathering Psychic Energy and rising up into the sky; Closing her mind and Eyes (chanting the beginning of the incantation) “Mitares meus anima…” and charging up with a purple aura; Releasing her spirit and flying into the mind of the Target; infecting the target’s mind with Holy Light; Flying back out and returning to the body of the summoner; opening her mind and Eyes (Finishing the incantation) “liberare”; Glowing with Purple light and releasing the light; Launching the attack at (The Robeast) Burning the target’s eyes* PSYCHIC FLASH!!!

Paige:  one more time girls. the weak spot is starting to come out. *Launching an attack at the robeast* Sparkling Hearts!

Pearl:  Okay… Here goes.*Launching an attack at the robeast* Bubble BLAST!

Dinah: Here’s something to take along for a souvenir. *Launching an attack at the robeast* Diamond Sweeper! *Sending a Blast of Thunder and energy at the robeast* Take that!

Lance: Good reaction… the beast’s going down…

Keith: It’s time to end this Diamond Robeast. The song: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is about to be renewed… Without the Robeast in the fold… Form Blazing Sword!

Voltron forms the Blazing Sword and Raises the sword up high and then with aerial speed precision… swings it down and Slices the robeast in half and within seconds the robeast exploded and vanished into dust.

As the battle ended, the girls looked at each other and smiled. it was another wonderful battle. they defeated another robeast and sent the attack ships packing. Would King Lotor ever throw up the flag of surrender? Was he planning to strike at the girls with a move to ruin their lives? Could the Mad scientist Maahox really create the mirror image copy of the Rhapsody girls? What will it mean for the Rhapsody girls? Find out in Chapter 9 of the saga as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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