The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #7 Fun and games… but with Haggarium?

It was a few days later since the ordeal that the girls had gone through and things were back to being calm as they once were… so they thought. it was a bright day out in metropolis and it was Memorial day in Metropolis. Fun and games were planned out throughout the whole day. there was dozens of people out with their lawn chairs and surfboards heading to the parks… to the beaches and to the pools. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were at home getting up and since they had no school that day… and it was a day before the weekend… they got prepared to enjoy the 3 day weekend and got prepped for a whole day of fun.

Paige: *Freshening up* It’s gonna be a wonderful day. The sweets and the candy that they make at the Memorial day fair. Yum!

Pearl: Not to mention the nice dresses that they have there. *Bubbly* I could never understand why they seem to have a bit of a more better deals on holidays. maybe the Holiday sales are when the better deals come. or maybe i’m shopping at the wrong fashion store. Oh well. It doesn’t really matter to me. the dresses all look pretty to me anyway.

Dinah: *With a pair of Pants on and nice t-shirt on* Look at my shirt… i’m wearing this one. It say: “Look at me… does it look i go easy?” On the back it say: “If you think that i do… then you’re dead wrong”

Paige: *Rolling her eyes* How very cute, Dinah. *Laughing*

Pearl: I got on a nice dress. i always have such nice dresses. Maybe i should give some of them away. I do happen to have a bit too many of them…

Paige: You sure do.

Dinah: Well… just as long as you don’t give them to me. like i told you already. i hate dresses and i hate skirts. just as long as i don’t have to wear them or even touch them.

Betty: *Walking in* Morning girls. You just about ready to go?

Paige: *Nods* We are…

Pearl: I’m ready.

Dinah: *Running out of the room and Jumping down the stairs* Yahooooo!

Betty: *Grins and with surprise* Wow! she’s sure sounding happy this morning.

Angel: *Looking at Dinah* Is it me or has she been huffing?

Betty: I have no idea, but it is a relief to see some happy activity around for a change.

Pearl: *Skipping downstairs merrily* La la la la la. It’s just another wonderful day. no fighting… now disaster… just fun fun fun.

Paige: *Walking out and heading down gracefully* i can’t wait to see what kind of games and activities that the city is gonna be planning.

Princess Rikku: *Placing breakfast on the Table; putting it on the spots for her daughters* Paige…Pearl…Dinah…Betty…Angel, Breakfast is ready. Come and get it.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Walking over to the table* Coming mom.

Betty: Time for some good ole’ nourishment…

Angel: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

On Arus at the castle of lions…

Keith: *Looking over the monitor and watching out for any signs of trouble* No signs of trouble anywhere. it’s a very quiet day.

Lance: That’s good. we could use more of those. besides i think that dealing with the girls tired the Drule out. the girls might be all jazzed up about fashion and sweets and that… but you got to admit… they got the charms to tire out Pesky Drules like Lotor.

Hunk: Well… if you guys don’t need me to be around here… i’m gonna go and help my little buddy with the experiments that he’s handling.

However Larmina was in her room having the visions of the incident that happened recently with the girls.

Larmina: *Feeling regret* How could i have been so stupid? i was trapped and in the middle of the crossfire of all those guards that were positioned to fire at me at that Drule’s command if i didn’t call the girls. i should have just said no and let them shoot me. i betrayed the girl’s trust. they probably hate my stinkin’ guts. I am sure Dinah isn’t too fond of me. not that i blame her. i did a very terrible thing and by that almost cost them their lives.

In the Lab…

Tammy: *Handing the things over as needed* What exactly are we doing with these things Pidge?

Pidge: I am creating new weapons for the girls… better weapons that hold great accuracy and more power. But it’s gonna be some time before they are gonna be ready for action. there is a whole lot of work to be…

Hunk: *Walking in* Done. Hey Little buddy. What’re you working on there?

Pidge: New weapons for the girls… stronger ones. ones with greater accuracy and more strength.

Hunk: Sounds good. allow me to help. you ought to know that when it comes to mechanics and machines… i can fix and build with the very best of them.

Pidge: Okay.  *Walking over to the weapon being made specifically for Paige* Paige’s weapon is first. She’s gonna get the Sonic Scepter of Bliss. with one toss into the air it turns into a love guardian and blows a wave of hearts and Sweet sparkles… *Showing what the sonic Scepter of Bliss will look like*

Hunk: *A Little concerned* That’s a little heavy for a girl her size. she’s only like a young one there, little buddy. You sure that she’ll be one to handle it?

Pidge: In time she will… but for now… the weapon she has will remain with her. this will take lots of time before it will be ready for her to use. we got to build it and configure it first. then program it. but it’ll be perfect for her when it’s all done. i can guarantee it. i’d even bet my know how and my expertise on technological equipment and having a high I.Q on it.

Tammy: No… Pidge… don’t do that.  it’ll be fine. we’ll get through it.

Pidge: *Wondering* How’s Larmina doing? I notice that she’s been rather quiet for the last few days. She doesn’t eat much and she hasn’t really said much. She okay?

Hunk: She’s fine. she’s just feeling pretty bad  for almost costing the girls their lives. but we all know that she was pinned with no way out. she was facing a very tight spot and couldn’t get out from having to choose to follow that Drule’s command or be shot and possibly killed. there was nothing she could do.

Tammy: She must be feeling really guilty about it.

Pidge: Someone ought to go and talk to her. she’s in need of cheering up.

Hunk: I agree.

Seconds later… they start on getting to work. they had alot to do and alot to work on for the weapons. Paige’s new weapon was gonna be a tough one. But Pidge was confident that it was gonna work out.

On Doom…

King Lotor: *Laughing* That guy on T.V is a total moron. he was supposed to take the tape to the cop… instead he takes the weapon and forgets to put gloves on before touching the weapon and places himself at the scene of the crime. What an idiot!

Maahox: You seem happy, Sire. i am glad. And you’ll also be glad to know that i have an attack plan in place in the city where the 3 girls dwell. as well as a Robeast prepped for attack on the Planet Arus.

King Lotor: *Laughing still at the T.V* Excellent. Get it working. launch the attack on the double…

Maahox: *Heading out to the prepping room* Right away sire!

In Metropolis…

Princess Rikku: *Looking at the crowd* There is a huge crowd here girls. i don’t think that we’re gonna be able to get through here. there is way too many.

Paige: *Looking to her side* There’s an opening over there. it’s not too big of an opening but we can get through a little bit.

Pearl: *Shudders* It’s sure a rather tight fit.

Dinah: If we got to… we’ll fight our way through.

Betty: *calm* There is no need to fight our way through. it’ll be okay. if the lord wants there to be a clearing… there will be.

Angel: *Grins* That’s what i figured you’d say Betty. You always did seem to have a keen thought on the bright side of things… don’t you?

Betty: Not really. but i just don’t really see the need to get worked up on things. all things have their ways of working themselves out. even if sometimes it’s not always how we suspect them to be.

Princess Rikku: That’s true, Betty. that is true. all things have a way of working themselves out.

Paige: *Seeing the crowd clearing up a little bit* There’s an opening. let’s go.

Minutes later…

Paige: *at the food section tasting on some sweets* Mmm! The is good. What is this? Caramel Apple. Yum. it’s a little sweet.

Pearl: *Looking at the pretty jewelry* That looks nice. Pearly Blue… i love that color. That color would look so good on me. i got a few dresses that would match that. *Looking at more of the bracelets*

Dinah: *Joining a group of kids in a game of Soccer* Alright guys… let’s see what you got for Dinah.

Betty: *Walking around and looking at the festivities* You know… the 3 girls are having fun… maybe i should have a bit of fun too. i’m just as young as they are and need a little fun. Maybe i’ll go and see if they have a few games that i can try my luck on.

Angel: Same here… there is no need to sitting out on a great day like this. the festivities are exciting.

Princess Rikku: *Spotting her Cousin Princess Charlene near* You girls go on ahead and have fun. there’s a whole lot of stuff for you girls to do. The big girls are gonna talk about Mother type things.

Betty: Okay.

A minute later at the spot set for shows…

Princess Charlene: *Spotting her Cousin* Hey Pinky… What’s up? it’s good to see you moving around a bit. I haven’t seen you around much lately. *Hugging her cousin* You okay?

Princess Rikku: *Hugging her cousin back* Yeah. I’m okay. just trying to handle the job of raising super hero kids. It’s not easy.

Princess Charlene: *Grins and Smirks a little*I know the feeling. my Son is normal, but he sure is very much a character when he wants to be. I remember when you first started being a hero and everything… you sure were pretty bold and rather twitchy for a while.

Princess Rikku: I know. but ever since i became a mother and then gave my Daughter Betty the powers. i felt so out of touch with things. i know that i did the right thing and she knows that i did it because i loved her that much that i was willing to pass the gift to her…

Princess Charlene: *Sensing something feeling a tad off* But…

Princess Rikku: But… i just don’t know if i am the same person as i used to be. i feel so lost sometimes. But just waking up and seeing my daughters waking up and having them in my life helps me keep going.

Princess Charlene: *Sighs* You really have been thinking a lot about it… Haven’t you? you need to stop tearing yourself up over it. i know you feel so different than you used to since you gave up your powers… but it takes time to Adjust. you can’t just expect it to just happen right the very first second it happens.

Princess Rikku: I know… I just want it to be not so hard.  I don’t want to have my daughters feeling sorry for me. I got to do more with my life. Being a stay-at-home mother is not enough. i Will hire a Nanny. Someone i can trust.  Someone who my girls can relate to in so many ways…

Princess Charlene: You could always ask Princess Julie. She is a little bit of a spunky kind of woman. but she’s quite good with kids.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps* What? Are you kidding? Princess Julie smokes. i love our cousin and she is family no matter what. but i am not gonna subject my girls to the influence of smoking and being a subject to second hand smoke.

Princess Charlene: You can always set some boundaries with her. she can adapt to being hospitable. She might have a bad habit and everything… but she’s very caring.

Princess Rikku: Okay… At least let me think about it for a bit.  *Sighs*

Princess Charlene: Prince Richie is over by the books. he finds the books and goes right for them. i think that if booksmarts were hereditary… i would suppose that Betty and he would be like inadvertent twins. However Betty was naturally born and Prince Richie is adopted. Go figure.

Of course what was surprising was that Paige, Pearl and Dinah were enjoying themselves when someone came to them and mentioned about hearing them sing not long ago. a month ago before all the mayhem with the white Rays and dark rays came crashing down.

Paige: *Gasps* Us? Sing…? You’re kidding, Right?

Dinah: You want us to sing? Like what? Folk tunes? some kind of nutty song?

Pearl: I think that it’d be a great idea.

Within minutes… a show was underway…

Mr. Parker: Hello and good day to all. I want to thank you all for coming and i am thrilled to see that the fine people of Metropolis having a wondrous time. today we have a show for you that is rather new and yet quite charming. We were lucky to get them to perform at all. you might have seen them living amongst you and seen their faces a whole bunch of times. but Here they are… for your enjoyment and a delightful treasure to see… I give you… Paige Cass Rhapsody, Pearl Lucy Rhapsody and Dinah Ellen Rhapsody…The Rhapsody Girls with a good old time favorite.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Singing* “Kanpeki na keisan de tsukurareta rakuen de
Hitotsu dake  uso janai  aishiteru
Doushite  nee KONPYUUTAA
Konnani  kurushii no
Aa  doushite  okashii no

Kumo to kumo no aida wo tsukinukete
Dare mo mita  koto no  nai basho e
Yume no naka de egaiteita basho e
Arifureta  SUPIIDO wo koete
Mou sugu  kawaru yo  sekai ga
Mou sugu  bokura no  nanika ga  kawaru yo

Kanpeki na keisan de tsukurareta kono machi wo
Nigedashitai kowashitai
Shinjitsu wa  aru no kana
Kanpeki na keisan de tsukurareta rakuen de
Hitotsu dake  uso janai  aishiteru

Doushite  nee KONPYUUTAA
Konnani  kurushii no
Aa  doushite  okashii no

Zettai koshou da  teyuuka arienai
Boku ga  kimi no kotoba de  nayamu hazu wa nai

Kioku to kioku no aida tadotte
Dare mo mita  koto no  nai basho e
Yume no naka de egaiteita basho e
Arifureta  SUPIIDO wo koete
Mou sugu  kawaru yo  sekai ga
Mou sugu  bokura no  nanika ga  kawaru yo

Kanpeki na keisan de tsukurareta kono machi wo
Nigedashitai kowashitai
Shinjitsu wa  aru no kana
Kanpeki na keisan de tsukurareta rakuen de
Hitotsu dake  uso janai  aishiteru
Doushite  nee KONPYUUTAA
Konnani  kurushii no
Aa  doushite  okashii no

Zettai koshou da  teyuuka arienai
Boku ga  kimi no kotoba de  nayamu hazu wa nai”

The Crowd then Cheers and Betty not too far away smiles and sighs with pride. Angel also did too…but the thrill was cut short for them as a Scream sounded off… not even a second later a roar sounded off and revealed a beast Tossing Haggarium thunder all over…

Princess Rikku: *Freaking out* MY GIRLS!!!!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Looking at the crowd and then at the monster* Oh no! The Civilians…

Paige: We got to do something…

Pearl: Transform?

Dinah: Transform. If people see us… then we’ll have to just live with the publicity. but the people are in Danger. and that Beast is asking for trouble. *Seeing the Beast throw more blasts of Haggarium thunder at the people* No time to think… Let’s just do it!

Paige: Right… Besides it’s now or never and people are busy running for cover so they’d probably never think twice on seeing that we have some abilities which they don’t understand.

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Putting their hand up and Seeing a Ring Appear on their finger*

Paige: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PAIGE! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing hearts* …*Doing formation poses (Doing roundhouse Punches as she spins) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Pearl: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* PEARL! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Bubbles* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH!! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows Releasing some stars with a few sparks of Electricity* …*Doing formation poses (Throwing Punches and Kicks and Peace signs) revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* …

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Paige: Betty, Get these people to safety. hurry. we’ll take care of this monster. it’s got Haggarium and you’re allergic to it. we’ll take care of it.

Betty: *Nods* Okay. I’m on it. You girls be careful.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: Right.

Pearl: *Looking at the robeast* That’s one mean and bad rotten monster.

Dinah: Well… we’re not gonna sit back and let that beast get ahead. it’s time to teach this beast a little lesson.

Paige: *Launching an attack at the beast* Love’s beam!

Pearl: *Launching an attack at The Beast* Bubble splash!

Dinah: *Launching an attack at The beast* Thunder Hammer!

The beast roared and started to swing it’s hefty sharp claws at the girls and knocked them back and sent them flying several feet. Paige got up and looked at the beast with anger and felt something in her snap… she began unleashing a swarm of attacks on the beast and smacked it with lefts and rights.

Paige: *Smacking the beast continually* All i wanted was a day of fun… and a day of relaxation. that’s all we wanted…but oh no… you had to come along and ruin everything. You rotten… no good… unloving… unthoughtful beast. Take this and this… And THIS!!!! *Attacking at the beast with the Sonic Wand of Love* Love’s Bomb!

Pearl: Paige! Calm down…You’re gonna end up blacking out if you keep that up. *Watching the beast still moving and living* This beast sure doesn’t play fair… what a mean creature. it should learn to give up. Evil creatures should be allowed to survive. They’re rotten. *Launching an attack at the Beast* BUBBLE DOWNPOUR!!!

Dinah: *Steamed* That’s it on the beast. no more being gentle… Time for a Direct hit with the Thunder Hammer… *Launching an attack at the beast with the sonic Hammer* Thunder SPLITTER!

The beast took the hit and toppled over in a fast but forceful impact. it shook the ground for about a few seconds… but with the beast weakened a little it gave an opening for Betty to make her move. which was their intention as it turned out. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were heroes first but they wanted to protect their sister in the process and also allow her to have a shot at fighting the beast too. Betty came in and unleashed a couple of her famous Heaven’s Thunders… and a nice attack to end the beast and send it to the afterlife.

Betty: Here is something to take as a present… you unholy beast! *Holding her hands out and Emitting a energy ball in each hand. One pink and one white. making the balls glow bright. Chanting a spell: “Love of the Lord and the love from his heart… Glow bright and grow true… Heavens’s Embrace… make your stand. unleash your might and burn the Unholy being with your light” Making the balls grow and rise to 10 feet in diameter; Combining the balls together and watching the ball grow bigger; Holding her hands back for a split second before lauching the Orb; Launching the attack at (The Robeast)* Heavenly Orb BLAST!!!!

Angel: The beast is gone… *Looking at the crowd* But i don’t think that the people are too good. there are a lot of startled people and i think that someone better explain to them why this incident happened before we have a mob of people pointing the blame at us…

Paige: We” ll handle that later… *Hearing her power buckles sounding off and flashing* Huh?! *Grabbing her Power Buckle; opening it* It’s the Professor…

Pidge: *Speaking through the Communicator* Girls… The team here just dealt with a Robeast on this end. we were able to defeat it using the Red Voltron… Lance being the head. it wasn’t easy but they were able to take control of it and defeat it before it made too much of a mess. How are you girls on your end?

Pearl: We’re okay. However we had to beat a beast of our own on our end and to make things a little awkward… our secret is out. some of the people saw us transform.

Dinah: what’ll we do?

Pidge: Deny everything. i’ll be over with a memory eraser… and with a quick flash of light … they’ll forget about what they saw you do and won’t remember seeing you girls ever transforming.

Paige: *Winks* Okay.

Hours later…

At home; at Princess Rikku’s house…

Paige: Another day… another win for the Rhapsody girls. Right girls?

Pearl: that’s right.

Dinah: it was a fun day out there. of course i don’t quite get why we were asked to sing. i mean… seriously… Singing? we only sang twice in our whole lives to this point. why was that guy with the weird haircut asking us to sing? he never even heard of us before. That was most definitely weird…

As they spoke with one another and recapped on the activity that came to pass throughout that day, a Knock on the door struck and caught them by sudden surprise and they could only wonder who it was at the door. Betty was near the door just as the door had received a knock upon it. But on the other side was not your usual visitor… It was Larmina.

Larmina: *Stressed* Are the girls home?

Betty: Yeah. they’re home… they’re just unwinding for the day and doing what they usually do when they get home from school and or after being out doing their usual past-time of enjoyment. Why? You okay?

Larmina: Well… yes and no. I am okay for i am alive and breathing. but as for emotionally and mentally… i unfortunately must say that i’m not. i got to talk to the girls and confess something to them…

Betty: *Concerned* It must be something bad… are you gonna be okay? You can always tell me.

Larmina: I wish that i could… but i can’t. because if you knew about what i was gonna tell the girls… you’d probably be hating me or angry at me as much as they still are.

Paige: *Walking out to see what was going on* What’s going on? *Seeing Larmina* Oh… It’s you. what could it be that brings you here, Larmina?

Larmina: Hi. I cane over to apologize for what i had done to you 3 girls. I really felt terrible for doing what i had done. i really felt bad. I didn’t mean to Lure you girls into a trap. King Lotor had me over a barrel and i was surrounded by tons of guards. if i didn’t go through with it… he would order for me to be shot and killed on sight. i didn’t know what else to do… i didn’t want to die. but i also didn’t want to betray you girls either. i am sorry. I really am sorry. *With tears in her eyes*

Pearl: *Walking out with Dinah and seeing Larmina crying* What’s she doing here?

Dinah: If she is here to Apologize… then we got to tell you that we forgive you. I am not one who will hide it… it hurt knowing that you did what you had done considering the outcome… but we suppose that you were in a tight spot and death seemed really close to either go along with a captor’s demands… or defy the abductors and end up being killed. Just like that online wrestling show. something called Live or Die. where the loser dies but the winner get crowned Champion.

Pearl: i heard about that… unfortunately… and i don’t like the idea that the one who loses dies.

Paige: Me neither.

The girls Nod and reconcile with Larmina and come to forgive her as they realized that the situation she was in was endearingly grim and was not looking in her favor. Pearl was hurt by it, but she knew that if she happened to have been in Larmina’s shoes and put into that type of scenario that she would have faced having no other alternative but to fulfill the demands of the captor. Although what raced through their minds were… What was Lotor gonna plan on doing next? what would become of the force? Would the force be attacked directly by the Drule King? Are they destined to get infected with the Haggarium? Who will survive the attack from Lotor? With the presence of Lotor becoming more and more common and more continuous… Would it mean more tougher battles to come into the fold for the Rhapsody girls?… Find out in Chapter 8 of the saga as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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