The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #4- It all starts with Doom…With School… and King Lotor? part 1

The next morning at home in Sunny Metropolis…

Betty: *Looking at her sisters* You girls about ready to go?

Angel: *Nods* I’m ready to go.  It’s just the 3 super sleuths that are still getting ready. For girls… they are sure taking a bit of time to get ready. You think that they’d be a bit quicker with things. *Thinking* Maybe it’s only when they’re in their hero form that they are the quickest.

Betty: That could be it too. i know it sounds rather sad that in normal form they are slow and moving at their normal pace. but to have them transform just to hurry them up for school. that’s a little too much. i can’t put them through that.

Angel: Uh… ever thought of life with detention for being late for school?

Betty: There is no need for the dramatic. we won’t be late.

Paige: *Grabbing her school bag* Ready.

Pearl: *Looking at herself* Perfect. I am ready to meet the day…

Dinah: I am set. *With her school bag and Running fast outside* We even got our lunches too.

Paige: *Heading outside with her sisters* That’s right. *Looking inside her lunch bag* Wow! Ham and swiss with the heart design on it. Mmm! I love the ham and swiss sandwich. What did you get Pearl?

Pearl: I got the Fish and Chip rolls… Those are always my favorite. Even the ones with the Mozzarella inside the breaded fish sticks. and the french fries that are straight like Angel hair.  Delicious.

Dinah: I got the meatball Sub for lunch… with the tangiest meat sauce there is. With melted cheese and the italian herb and cheese kind of bread… Awesome!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *With their lunches and making a mad dash out the door and off to school* Thanks Mom!

Princess Rikku: *Waving her girls off* You’re welcome girls. Have a great day at school.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah:  We will…

Betty:  Let’s go girls.

Angel: you girls sure are a slow bunch, aren’t you?

The girls head right off to school and just keep the fact that they have super powers to themselves. they were excited about the powers but knew that no one would understand if they knew about them having powers. they knew that no one could ever know about their powers and find out that they were the Rhapsody Girls Z. no one could ever know. it was gonna be one secret that could never be told or let out.

However on planet Doom…

King Lotor: *Watching the 3 girls through the Crystal ball* Those girls… I must find a way to capture them and make them mine. but…How? I got to have that power of theirs. Maybe i can abduct someone close to them and use the person as bait.

Maahox: *Walking in* Sire… i see that you’re wanting to capture those 3 girls. If you want the girls… you must first capture someone close to them… And they seem to be very close to Larmina and Tammy. not to mention to that guy in green. The one they call Professor.

King Lotor: *Thinking and Grinning* Hmm… that’s an idea worth looking into. Set out a trap for the Voltron force… i’m gonna abduct me a member of the Voltron force.  Like a fiesty Queen of the Kingdom on Arus.

Maahox: if you’re thinking about capturing The pilot of the blue lion… i already have a swift trap all in place…

King Lotor: Excellent Maahox… Tell me more… do tell me more…

Maahox: Well… There is a Robeast that can blast Flames of Haggarium… It will draw out the pesky pilots. As the pilots come out to meet it face to face… they will be then surrounded by attack soldiers in ships… they’ll try to blast them all… but that is when a sneak attack comes and strikes the blue lion and forces the pilot to eject from the contraption. however… here is where it gets good. a Doom patrol ship will be in place and will snatch the pilot into its clutches. The other pilots will try to rescue the blue lion pilot and fail. the Robeast will fire Haggarium flames at them knocking them on the ground. they will surely be crushed.

King Lotor: Excellent! And with the Pilot in my Clutches… Those 3 girls will take the bait and come and try to rescue the Blue lion Pilot. The fiery red-head and they will surely meet their Doom! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maahox: However there is a storm in place to start it off.

King Lotor: Then get to it… those 3 girls shall be mine… Their Power will be….MINE!!!

Back at Metropolis…

At the school … in class…

Paige: *Answering questions on the chapter read* All this talk about food is making me hungry for sweets. What’s this about food anyway? *Sighs*

Pearl: Eating certain things and knowing if they’re good for you is important. But i would rather that it didn’t have to refer to us answering questions about it. i thought that we just had to read it and just remember it in our heads.

Dinah: *Putting her hands behind her head and leaning back* Well… it won’t matter what it tells me. i crave meat and there ain’t no way that it’s gonna make me stop eating anything that’s meat.

Teacher: *Looking at Dinah* We all crave meat, dear. but there is the having a little too much of one thing. Some Meat is good for you. but eating too much of it could be bad. Like drinking Coke. some coke is okay… but drinking too much of it can hurt you. because in the end… it’s you who pays the price. Diabetes and high sugar intake. kidney damage and Liver damage. Those are also things that can be harmful. even the heart. it’s not trying to tell you… to stay away from it… just watch how much of it you intake. knowing your limit. that’s all.

Dinah: *Grins* You’re kidding, right? Is that what it’s saying?

Teacher: No lie. any teacher here knows this. trust me. we’ve been through the experiences before you young ones. we know how it goes. no matter how old one gets… everything they eat or drink will one day catch up to them and if they eat too much junk food… they could wind up in a world of trouble. the bodies will let you know it. believe me… they’ll let you know that something’s wrong.

Paige: *Gasps* … *Thinking to herself* That means that i’ll one day have health problems because of the sweets that i’ve eaten. I don’t think that i want to know much more of this…

At the castle of Lions…

Pidge: *Doing research on the substance which gave 3 girls powers* Hmm… that’s weird.  The liquid isn’t showing much energy… Maybe it was just a fluke. and a freak accident. *Altering the settings on the machine* Let’s see… if i just change the amount of power used…

The Professor then got back to working on the research and tried to find out the source of the power… but as he was getting to the bottom of it; the sirens started to sound off throughout the castle. He was not a pilot anymore… but he still had to go and see what was going on… he Didn’t know what he could do, but knew it was worth a look. He walked out and met with the others in the control room to find out what was going on. Keith and Lance were both in shock to see that a robeast was Blasting Haggarium flames at the village. Tammy, and Hunk both stood there and had their jaws drop down to the floor…

Tammy: *Shocked* What on Arus is that thing? It’s spreading fire at the Village… How are we gonna stop that thing… What do we do?

Hunk:  Well… i don’t know if standing here will help us… i say we go and fight that thing.

Keith: *Watching the monitor and watches as the Village is being burned down*  This is not good team… We got to get out there and stop that beast.

Lance: *Looking at Coran* I think that it’s time to fight that monster. lift that panel.

Coran: *Nods* good luck Voltron force! *Lifting the control Panel; opening the shafts* Be careful. there’s a storm out there a brewin’.

Pidge: You go get that beast Tammy. i’m gonna be here rooting for you.

Tammy:  Thank you Pidge. *Kissing Pidge lovingly before going down the shaft to the lion* Be back!

1. Keith… Black

2. Lance… Red

3. Hunk…Yellow

4. Tammy… Green

5. Larmina… Blue

Inside the Lions…

Keith: Insert Keys. *Inserting the Lion key into the key slot*

Lance/Hunk/Tammy/Larmina: *Inserting their keys into the key slot* Keys set! Let’s go!

The Lions set out and head off to battle the beast. They knew that the battle was gonna be rather brutal and a bit rough. it was a beast full of haggarium.

Here is the Lowdown on Haggarium. Haggarium is the substance that helped reanimate Lotor when he was killed by the Voltron force. it is a substance known as the essence of Witch Haggar. the Evil Witch that dedicated her life to be working with King Zarkon. She between the death of Zarkon and the death of Lotor died and her essence was all that remained… a Mad Scientist named Maahox was able to obtain the Essence and with his evil crafty hands… resurrected Lotor and Lotor was seen as the King. the Proud ruler of Planet Doom.

The beast suddenly roared with its roar and began to stomp on the ground. the village houses started to crack and a few of them tumbled to the ground with a loud crash. it fortunately didn’t kill anyone. on the other hand though it scared people into the forest and underground taking cover. The beast was unpredictable. The team made evasive maneuvers to break the beast down.

Tammy: *Detecting something on her radar* Uh-oh… guys… we got company. there is a massive swarm of attack ships coming in…

Larmina: *Looking ahead* I see them. here they come.

Keith: *Commanding the team* Well let’s fire away at the ships. we got to take away the beast’s cover.

Lance: Right behind you Commander. *Attacking the ship* Proton Missiles!

Hunk: *Attacking the ships* Roder grenades!

Larmina: there is no rest for the evil and downright wicked… is there? *Attacking the doom ships* Ice blaster!

Hunk: Let’s give them a real treat… *Attacking the ships* Star Blaster!

Keith: Good work team… we’re getting them.

they kept firing at the ships as they came in swarms and continued to move in… all they could do was prevent the ships from getting out of control. Unfortunately there was a problem as the beast was stepping and stomping wreaking havoc on Arus. while they continued to strike at the ships and trim the #’s back… The beast fired a blast of Haggarium at the Lions and they evaded just in time… unfortunately the blast caught the blue lion.  causing it to lose control and crash…

Larmina: Ahhh! I’m Hit… I’m hit! I’m going down! *Crashing into the ground* I’m down.

Keith: Hold on Larmina… it’ll be okay.

Lance: *firing at the beast and knocking it down* Time for you to get a nice whipping.

Hunk: Calm down Lance. We just need to wind down the beast. that beast runs on Haggarium, right?

Lance: Yeah? So… what’s your point?

Hunk: Well Normally Pidge would be the scientific whiz at this… but it’s simple… Haggarium could be just another power source… and when one runs out of power or has no more of the source that feeds it… what happens?

Tammy: I think that i get what Hunk is getting at. Take the power away and the creature or Villain is defenseless.

Keith: Then that’s what we do… we make the beast run out of power. Let’s taunt the beast and have it fire at us… trick it into using all of it’s power and then once the beast has been drained… it’ll be time for lights out on that beast.

Hunk: Amen to that, Keith. Let’s do it!

Larmina: *Smelling fire* uh… guys… i think we got a problem… the blue lion is on fire…

Tammy: I’ll handle it… *Using the lion to blow out the fire* you’ll be fine. the fire is gonna be out. Hold on!

Larmina held on and watched as the fire got blown out which brought a bit of relief to her. however there was a function activated on the Lion for emergency Ejection. Before she could reach to turn the function off the latch above her opened up and ejected her into the sky… Larmina went into the air and then came right back down… Although in the “when it rains it pours” category… it was not gonna be the end. it was gonna get worse. A Doom Patrol ship was nearby and saw Larmina in the sky. Within seconds before the team could go in and grab her… the patrol ship nabbed her and carried her off…

Larmina: *Struggling* Let me go, creeps. I’m warning you. you let me go or i will be whooping your butts when i get my hands on you.

Doom Patrolman: *Laughing* I think not. You are gonna be the Prize for King Lotor. He’s gonna add you to his Harem. you’re gonna be his new playmate Princess Allura.

Larmina: *Scoffs* You’re cracked in the head, you know that? you got me confused for someone else, creep. I am not Princess Allura. Does Allura have red hair?

Doom Patrolman: it matters not. you’re our captive and it’s off to Doom with you. Mwahahahahaha!

Larmina: *Sighs while rolling her eyes* Lovely.

Tammy: LARMINA!!!!

The Doom Patrol ship then Sped off with Larmina and carried her off to Doom… She was about to become the new slave of King Lotor. King Lotor was a brutish Drule who was into conquering the whole galaxy and wasn’t gonna rest till all the galaxy was under his command. Larmina’s fate was abundantly clear. She was now captive… The robeast was still running rampant on the Village and slowly advancing to the forest.  it was heading for the castle. and even though it was moving slow… it was leaving a trail of devastation behind in its wake.

All was not lost though…

Keith: We’re gonna need help here… The ships are still coming and that robeast is pressing ahead. it’s going towards the forest.

Lance: I don’t like being the bearer of the gritty news… but i think that the castle was its intended target.

Hunk/Keith/Tammy: *Shoots out* WHAT?!

Lance: it’s true. look at it. the monster is advancing to the castle. why else would it be trying to aim towards the castle. all the beasts we have faced before… they all tried to make it to the castle. they all have the same thought in common. The castle is the base. the command center for Voltron. destroy it… you destroy Voltron. destroy that and there is no Voltron. and the end of the force. because Voltron can’t fly without pilots to fly the lions and form the might defender. Why do you think they go after the castle in any possible way? It’s because… they know… that without Voltron… the planet and the galaxy is defenseless.

Keith: Yeah… Lance. i think that Pidge’s knack for I.Q intellect is rubbing off on you. you’re starting to sound like him.

Tammy: It also is like you’re trying to mock my boyfriend. Stop it.

Hunk: *Catching the beast making it a little further towards the castle* Uh… Guys… i think that we should get to the beast before it gets too late. The Beast is at the edge of the Village and has reached the forest.

Keith: *Commanding the team* Let’s move in for a counter- offensive. Let’s get this beast.

Suddenly a Voice sounds off…

Voice: You want help… you got help.

within seconds 4 boys appeared in the sky…

Tammy: *Gasps* Who are you guys?

Lance: Are you here for the good guys?

Prince Alvin: You bet we are… We are the 4 enforcers of Justice. *Looking at his brothers* Boys… SOUND OFF!

Boys: *Saluting* AYE CAPTAIN!!!!

Prince Alvin: We’re the speed. *Emitting fire*

Prince Arnold: We’re the power. *Emitting Water*

Prince Avery: We’re the Skill. *Emitting Plasma*

Prince Curtis: The forces of Nature and the enforcers of Justice! *Emitting Electricity*

The Boys: *Together* WE’RE THE RHAPSODY BROTHERS! Evil beings… Say GOODNIGHT!

Keith: Alright… Team… we got help on our side. Let’s go and nail that beast.

Lance/Hunk/Tammy: Let’s do it!

With help on their side… they were able to get a leg up on the beast… however it was just when they thought that the trouble was over when the beast built up a huge ball of burning Haggarium fire and blasted it at the lions knocking them down. with the lions down… there was no hope. the beast then grabbed each of the lions and juggled then around a bit before Slamming them down hard with force… BOOM! went the lions as they smacked the ground with dire force… Which Enacted King John and Queen Starfire… the mother of the 4 boys. They tried and couldn’t do it. The beast knocked them out…With the impression that the force was dead and their parents were dead too… The 4 boys began to feel enraged and angry. the Rage and the Fury built up in them…

Rhapsody Brothers: *Thinking in Mind* Father…. Mother… Voltron Force… Our Friends… Our Family… They’re dead. they’re dead… they were killed and we could not do anything… *Getting angry* We couldn’t do anything to save them… we couldn’t save them… *Seeing a Villain before them* You Monster… You Vile… Evil… Sadistc Monster… How… How… How Could you kill innocent people… It’s not… Not… Not…. FAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Suddenly Exploding in Rage and pulsing with Energy* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Angry and looking to fight and destroy the Villain in sight* It’s time to Pay for what you’ve Done! You’re gonna regret killing our friends and the innocent people.

The brothers were now Super Saiyans…

Rhapsody brothers: *Disappearing and reappearing around The Beast and at light speed landing elbow blows and punches and kicks… Kicking up and then kicking back down and tossing the target all over and into flying fists* UGH!!! UHHHH!!! AHHHH!!!! *Throwing their own Version of the Kamehameha wave: The Rhapsody Wave* ARGH!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!
*Moving at light speed, Throwing punches and kicks and circling around throwing Lightning Disks; Throwing Lightning blasts at The Beast; Preparing a Rhapsody version of the Kao-ken attack* KamehamehameHAME HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! RHAPSODY POWER BLAST!!!!!

It was a Direct hit… The beast fell backwards and within seconds… exploded in a flash of light.  The Skies for the briefest of moments went reds and white with the feel of a nuclear winter…  When the dust cleared and settled and the scene was clear…

Keith: *Waking up* Ugh! What was that?

Lance: *Looking up* Are we in hell? is the battle over?

Hunk: Well… i think it is. and i see 4 boys with shiny hair and with strange energy pulsing around them.  They got rid of the beast…

Tammy: *Gasps* They did?! Awesome. Way to go you guys!

Rhapsody Brothers: *Nodding* Anytime… Just remember… that whenever you need us… call… we’ll be there! Till next time… We are… Ha ha ha! The Rhapsody Brothers! *Vanishing off*

it wasn’t long before they were back at the castle. however… they were missing a member. Larmina was not there with them. Keith and Lance knew that they tried to save her as the Doom patrol ship captured her. but they were too late. the ship took off and was no where to be seen.

at planet doom…

Larmina: Let me go, you rotten creep. I’m not Allura. i am her niece… but i am not her. she’s into dresses. i’m not. come on. Does it look like i am anything like her. do i even look like her…at all? i am nothing like her when appearance is concerned.

Doom Soldier: You’re not really the target. you’re the Bait. King Lotor… the high ruler of Doom is after someone else. 3 people actually.

Larmina: *Confused* What are you talking about? what 3 girls?

King Lotor: *Walking in from the other room* You know exactly who they are. They are the ones who call themselves the Rhapsody Girls Z! they are who i am after. and you’re here to be the bait. you’re gonna play a part to seal their doom. they have power that i want. and by all means… i will have it.

Larmina: You’re nuts. has anyone ever told you that before? you’re with a real mental problem. *With her Voltcom weapon ready* but you’re asking for a nice trip into the next area code, man.

King Lotor: *To the guard* take her to the Dungeon! She’s gonna stay locked up for a while till she’s willing to cooperate.

Doom Soldier: *Nods* Yes Sire. *To the Captive* Alright you… get going. off to the Dungeon with you.

Larmina was taken to the Dungeon and locked inside. she had no way out and she felt that she was gonna be on verge of crying for she knew that her only way out was if she was willing to agree to Lure the Rhapsody girls to Planet Doom. She didn’t want to do it. she knew that it was gonna hurt them and she wasn’t gonna do a thing to hurt them… even though she feared that it could wind up being her only way out of the Dungeon and free from the clutches of King Lotor.

What was she to do? if she were to call out with the line: “Rhapsody girls… WE NEED YOU!” the girls would come. that was exactly what King Lotor was wanting. he was after their power. he was gonna do whatever possible to see that he got that power.

What will Happen to Larmina? Will she decide to abide to King Lotor and Lure the Rhapsody girls to planet Doom? Would the girls take the bait?  Will it also call upon the Rhapsody Brothers to intervene? Could it also be a trap for Betty and Angel? Find out in Chapter 5 of the saga as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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