The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #2- The truth about the powers and the Deal Exchange.

In the Van…

Pidge: *Sighs* it is not easy to explain… you see… i was in my lab… at the Royal castle of lions conducting an experiment trying to come up with some Liquid that would ensure that the person would be forever young and impervious to any diseases that might come their way. But i was just about done when i accidentally knocked over a bottle of crisp soda and it poured into the concoction. that’s when the substance changed. it was Glowing like a light you’d never ever see. shifting from one color to the other and going from one color to the next. it kept bouncing and glowing and the more it glowed… the more it began to come alive. suddenly it began to blast a bright beam of light. at first it didn’t burst out… it just sat there and just shot with the light. but then… it got over powered and without hesitancy it shot at the walls and bounced from one corner… to the next. It was the last of my troubles… or so i thought as it appeared to have been contained. However… but All was not well as i thought…

Paige: *Wondering* What happened?

Pidge: The Beam got more powered up and suddenly shot out into the sky and broke into several beams of light. there must have been about 15 White beams of light. and they were aiming right for the city. all in different spots. different locations. but that’s not all there was… There were also dark Beams of light too. And they also shot into the city. One shot towards the Planet Doom.

Pearl: *Gasps* Huh? Planet Doom?! What does that mean…

Paige: I think he means that the beams of light were created from an accident in the lab. *Realizing* That would explain these Skirts… that white beam of light that hit us. it was coming from the sky… which came from the castle…. And somehow split into multiple beams as it gained more speed and starting shooting through multiple spots in the city. and the Beams were at random.  However when we got hit by the beams… it granted us these powers.

Dinah: *Rolling her eyes and sighs* Oh great. so because of these powers… we have to wear skirts. Terrific. *Sneezing* Achoo! *Sniffing* I feel cold and this Skirt made me sick. nice work Doc. What else will this do to me? Make me itch too?

Pearl:  I love these Skirts. I wouldn’t mind staying in one all the time.

Paige: *Smiles* They do look rather bright and flashy. I look so cool in one.

Dinah: You two are both nuts. Skirts? Remind me again how i am related to you two…

Pidge: I think that you actually look nice in the Skirt Dinah. I know you think it’s not you to wear a skirt. but you could be pretty tough in one just as much as any girl i’d see who would wear one. Tammy wore a few Skirts and she’s not as Tough as you… but she can fight well and her confidence is astoundingly flawless. she is able to pull it off. so… i am sure that you are gonna have no trouble being the tough girl you are even in a skirt.

Dinah: *Grins with a strange look* You’ve got to be kidding me… You think that i would be tough in a skirt? Doc, Have you cracked? I am a tough girl… i don’t ever do skirts. i am into Karate, Wrestling, Soccer and Baseball. Skirts are just not me. I even detested them as a baby.  i just don’t like skirts. i would even go nuts if anyone were to tell me i looked cute in a skirt.

Paige:  She’s not kidding. she just can’t stand the idea of being in a skirt.

Pearl: She’s a tough person. When it comes to girly charms… She has none. there is only toughness and fierce attitude in her.

Pidge: *Grins* Hmm. I guess that i will have to keep that insight in mind there.

However At the castle…

In the Control room…

Keith: *In the control room* I wonder what’s taking Pidge so long.

Hunk:  He’s probably still trying to find the 3 girls. sure don’t know who they are or how he knows them. but he happens to feel that there is a connection between him and them as there is one between Betty and him. Betty is his daughter. But how would that be possible?  Unless…

Tammy: *Holding her hand up* Don’t say it. i already know and i don’t want to talk about it. Pidge told me about how it was possible for him to be her father. once. it was alot to take in even though i came to accept it. and i Like the girl. she’s a nice person. and very sensual and even well mannered. She is kind. Plus when Pidge told me how he found out… i was surprised. but thought that it couldn’t be possible.  although i felt rather touched that he was feeling good about it. even though he was afraid as to how i’d take it.

Princess Larmina: It’s alot to take in. But things do work out… eventually. *Looking at the Monitor* I don’t see him anywhere. he’s probably either on his way back… and it’s taking a while or he’s having trouble containing the girls.

Betty: *Nearby* He should be here soon. i know it. he’s probably gonna pop up any minute now.

Lance: Are  you sure about that… we don’t see anything on the monitors.  *Taking a look at the Monitor suddenly and spotting a Van in the distance* I… uh… okay. i think we are standing corrected. She is right. i think that we’ve got company and it’s coming right this way.

Hunk: *Hearing something on the Audio coming from the Van* Wait. i think i hear something… *Turning on the Speakers*

from the speakers…

Paige: Can you unstrap us from this bed here? we’re not gonna try to escape. we won’t go anywhere.

Pearl:  These Straps are beginning to hurt.

Pidge: Okay. *releasing the Straps and loosening them up* It’s good now. you’re able to get up.

Paige: You never told us where we were going…

Pearl: Is it someplace nice? i wonder where there is a place to get more dresses.

Dinah: The sooner that i can get back to normal and wearing shorts or pants like a normal person should… the better.

Paige: *Looking to her side and seeing sweets* Mmmmm! Candy. *eating some candy*

Dinah: Paige… how are you even able to be calm at a time like this and eat candy without a worry? Don’t you even wonder where we’re heading?

Paige: I don’t know. but these sweets taste so good. Yum… I’ll bet that there is more of these sweets where ever it is we’re going…

Inside the castle…

Larmina: That one in the pink sure seems rather carefree. and sounds like she’s a free spirit.

Tammy:  The one on Blue sounds really fixated on dresses. She probably a Fashion crazed idealist. she must just love fashion so much. i would bet that it’s all she might be thinking about. Are you sure that they’re anything like Princess Rikku? They sure don’t act a thing like her.

Lance: Well the one in Green is a tough one. she clearly is gonna be a lot to handle. Do we have insurance on anything here. she’s gonna be a loose wire and might demolish this place.

Betty: *Snaps* Hey… Watch it. they happen to be my sisters. Don’t you even stop to figure that they might just as scared about the powers that they might have as we are. the White beams have hit them. there is no telling what it might have done to them. Try to have some sympathy and compassion. it’s gonna be rather hard on them as it is hard on us. My father is probably stressing on how he’s gonna be able to help them… if there is anything that can be done at all to help them.

Keith: *Nods* She’s right team. we need to keep an open mind and just wait to see what happens.

Hunk: I actually kinda like them. They sure look rather sweet. i don’t think that they’re of any danger at all.

Larmina: *Chuckles and thinks to self* Softie.

Minutes later…

Paige: *Walking in* Where are we?

Pearl:  *Looking at all the colored lights* Where ever we are it sure looks pretty.

Dinah:  *Seeing the Monitor* Whoa! A 60 inch T.V Awesome… I bet it even has panoramic view and give wide screen picture. Is there any Sports on?

Tammy: The monitor is not a T.V it’s a security monitor to keep watch on the outside looking for any trouble that might pop up.

Larmina: *Spotting the girls* You must be the girls. Welcome to the control room. this place as you might already know is the Royal Castle of Lions. home of us. the Voltron force.

Paige: *Confused* Voltron Force? What’s that?

Keith: That’s who we are. the Voltron force is a team of 5 people who fly and pilot 5 mechanical robot lions. and each one is a piece that when combined form a Mecha Robot defender known as Voltron.

Dinah: So… you guys are pilots who pull a Dr. Frankenstein and put together a Mighty Robot fighting machine. Awesome… How much Butt do you get to kick with that robot? how big does it get?

Pidge: We’ll get to that. but first we take care of the outfits and we get some tests done on you 3. we need to find a way to reverse the process on this.

Paige: That’s right. i like these outfits but i don’t know if wearing them forever would be a good idea.  What do you think Pearl?

Pearl: I wouldn’t mind just going back to being in normal clothes for now.

Dinah: I’d like to be able to fight in something that’s not a Skirt.

The 3 girls follow Pidge who now is their professor to the lab. they lay down on the testing Table and Pidge shoots a beam at them turning them back into their normal look.  It only took a few seconds for them to feel different. Dinah Still had the feeling that she was wearing a Skirt and looked in the mirror to see that she was still in one.  Pidge caught on and realized that the beam didn’t reach her and didn’t change her back… but it didn’t help any that Tammy was watching and saw what was going on. She couldn’t help but laugh…

Dinah: *Spotting Tammy Laughing at her* You think it’s funny? I’ll show you funny! *Snarls and Growls* Grrr! *Flying at Tammy suddenly and chasing her* Come back here. Let me get my hands on you!

Tammy: Uh-oh! *Running away fast* HELP!!!

Dinah: Laugh at me being in a skirt… i’ll show you what’s funny about it. Wait till i get you!

Tammy: *Scared and running for safety*

Pearl: *gasps* Oh no! Dinah! Stop… Come back here. Don’t chase her…

Paige: Come on Pearl… let’s go and get Dinah and try to calm her down before she really gets at Tammy and does something she might regret.

Pearl: Right. *Following Paige to go after Dinah and stop Dinah from going after Tammy*

They went all over the castle and followed Dinah everywhere and by time Dinah stopped and calmed down she looked at the others and sighed…

Dinah: Sorry about that… *Chuckles nervously* I guess that i kinda needed to let out that extra burst of energy.

Paige and Pearl: *Groans and falls back* Ohhhhh!

Pidge: Hold still Dinah. Let’s get you back to normal. *Shooting the beam at Dinah and changing her back to normal* There you go.

Dinah: *Seeing herself back in shorts and shirt with a vest on* Woohoo! Now i can move better. Thank you! *Happy* Thanks Doc. this is great.

Pidge: Of course.

Betty: *Walking in* Now for the rules. as you must use those powers to protect the innocent and the world.

Dinah: *Moans* There’s rules too? Is any of this gonna be easy or is it supposed to be this stressing?

Betty: The Rules are:

1. Never publicize your identity to others.

2. you must swear to protect the innocent people and protect anyone who need saving.

3. you must Get along with each other.

Dinah: Hey… So we fight sometimes. big deal. We’re sisters. Siblings fight. it’s just what they do sometimes.

Paige: But no matter how mad we get at one another… we always make up for it by the end of the day.

Pearl: Uh-huh! *Giggles and smiles*

Betty: I think they got us there…

Dinah: *Thinking* Wait a minute… there are rules for us to follow… but what about you guys?

Paige and Pearl: *Shooting back* Yeah… that’s right. If we got to follow rules… the here’s our rules for you..

Paige:  We get to eat whatever we want and all the sweets we wish.

Pearl: There’ll be Magazines with all the latest fashion trends and all the nice dresses.

Dinah: All the Sports games that we like. Soccer, Tennis, hockey, Baseball, Wrestling, Basketball, Football and Running.

Larmina:  I’m more of a Wrestling like princess. i loves seeing two fighters kicking serious butt.

Pidge: okay. now that the rules are over and you know the truth about your powers… now we can get to the part about the Dark beams… where they went. One of them as we know went for Planet Doom. another one went to the dark Kingdom. then there are the ones that went to a planet called Apokolips. However… that is the place where a being named Darkseid resides. he is the darkest Evil known. one look into his eyes and you’re put into a trans of darkness and a follower of Death and damnation. he is that evil. One of them also went to the realm… the Dimension called Limbo. Where Trigon the terrible is said to remain. but the Dimension is well protected by a seal of Azarath and holds the mark of Scath.

Related image


The Mark behind the true Evil

Dinah: *Pauses* You’re kidding us, right? There is a guy with that mark?

Pidge: He’s not a guy… He’s a Demon. and the one girl we all know Named Raven of Azarath… She’s his Daughter. but she aims for fighting on the good side all while hiding her dark form which is her demon side. the Girl you see here…

Related image

That’s the human look. the docile and look of her at peace and her human dimension form. but if she let’s loose of her emotions… and loses it… she can reveal her demon side. 4 red eyes like Trigon the Terrible… Her father.

Pearl: We got to fight all those?

Pidge: I’m afraid so.

Paige: *Beginning to shake with fear* I don’t i like the idea of fighting Evil anymore.

Pidge: No… no. not all at once… most certainly not. but you will have to face them… one at a time. throughout however long it goes.

They didn’t get to talk much for the alarms started going off… They all pauses and felt trouble starting and immediately went for the Control room to see what it was. On the Monitors trouble was definitely cooking. an army of Doom attack ships were coming in and shooting lasers everywhere… It was followed by a slave ship and the slave ship was pulling a huge amount of villagers from the ground. It didn’t stop there for a message came along with it.

King Lotor: You Pesky Voltron force… you and your need for Peace can bite me. You will rue the day that you crossed me. I will seize your planet and you shall fall. Say goodbye to having Peace. today marks the very last that you’ll ever see of it. *Laughing and cackling sinisterly* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Betty: Well… I guess that’s our cue. Shall we do it?

Angel: *Appearing* Without a doubt. come on. time to kick the Evil forces back to where it belongs.

Will the first battle be a little too much for the Rhapsody girls Z to Swallow? What will come from the first battle? Will their presence pique the attention of King Lotor? Who knows what may lurk ahead… Find out in Chapter 3 of the saga as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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