The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #19- It’s the Final Haggarium… The countdown to the final Showdown with King Lotor.

At Princess Charlene’s house that night…

Prince Richie: *Sleeping in his bed and Snoring with ease*

Princess Charlene: *Walking down the hall and heading to her son’s room to start packing his things up* I’m all alone. i lost my son. i should just move away and vanish.

Prince Richie: *Sleeping and dreaming*

Princess Charlene: *Reaching her son’s room and noticing someone in the bed* What in the….? *Upset* What’s going on? *At the person in the bed* Who the heck are you and What are you doing in my son’s bed? That’s my Dead Son’s bed. WHO ARE YOU?!

Prince Richie: *Waking up to a shouting woman* What the heck is going on here? Who’s doing all that shouting? Is there summat pete tong? If not… Could yeh please keep it down. i’m trying to kip. *Noticing someone familiar* Who are thou? dae i know thou? *Seeing the woman clearly* What the….? Mom?!

Princess Charlene: *Gasps* Huh?! Oh god… it couldn’t be. it couldn’t be him. he died and i’m now hearing my son in my head… *Turning on the light* What the blazes is going on here?

Prince Richie: *Seeing his mother* Mom? It’s me. Don’t you recognize me?

Princess Charlene: *Seeing her son sitting in bed* Prince Richie?! Son?! *Suddenly seeing and realizing that she is seeing her son in front of her* Oh my god. How is this even possible? This can’t be real. you died. they told me that you died. that you were killed. You were shot and they said it was with this purple liquid in it.

Prince Richie: Purple Liquid? *Confused* Are you huffing? What is this about Purple Liquid? I don’t know anything about that. What is it? *Thinking a minute* Purple Liquid… Wait… i think i might know about it. Haggarium?

Princess Charlene: Whatever it is. that’s the purple stuff they found in the bullet that they found and took out from you. i don’t know how they did it… but it’s what they found in you.

Prince Richie: Where did it come from?

Princess Charlene: It came from some being named King Lotor. He apparently was the one behind it. But the thing i’d like to know is how were you able to come back from the dead? They were about to take you to the morgue.

Prince Richie: All i remember is that i was at the store when suddenly i was struck by a stray bullet. i knocked out cold and when i came back to life and was brought back to life… i woke up to see two girls. 2 of them with lights. and the next thing i knew was that i was at the beach.

Princess Charlene: 2 girls? *Gasps* It couldn’t be. oh my word. It was Betty and Angel. They did it. they brought you back to life. But how. how could that happen?  No one could get brought back from the dead. Dead is dead. there is no way for a dead person to be brought back from the dead.  no one has that kind of power or ability.

Prince Richie: I don’t know. but somehow that Betty and Angel did it. they did the impossible. They brought me home here and on the way they mentioned that you’d be rather shocked and in for a real surprise seeing me back alive.

Princess Charlene: I can imagine.  i think. but *With tears in her eyes* For a while there i thought that i may have lost you forever.

Prince Richie: I know. almost dying was the most scariest thing in the whole world. but i don’t think that the 3 girls are gonna see it that way. They might still be out somewhere ticked off at that dark being. i couldn’t hear anything while being dead… or thought as being dead… but on my way here… Betty and Angel sure have told me what was going on. And they told me that the 3 girls left to get ready for the final showdown against King Lotor. i think that’s the name. it’s crazy to think that they would be telling me all about what went on. i don’t understand much of it. i just listened and let them discuss it.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Calling out for Betty* BETTY!

Pidge: *From the other room and wondering what’s going on* What’s going on? Princess Rikku, What’s all the shouting about?

Betty: *Appearing before her mother* Yes mom?

Princess Rikku: Where were you? Where did you go with the body of your cousin? *Sternly* What did you do? You better tell me. Princess Charlene is at home in tears. she didn’t even get to say good-bye to her son. What did you do? How could you take away her last chance to say her good-byes to her son?

Pidge: *Looking over at Princess Rikku and Betty* Princess Rikku, Calm down. I don’t think it could be that bad. She didn’t exactly steal the body. we all saw it. but she was planning on doing something.

Betty: Exactly.

Princess Rikku: Like what? Necrophilia? Raise the dead? What could you possibly do with a dead body?

Pidge: Raise the dead and bring it back to life.

Betty: That’s something that i would have done. and i did.

Princess Rikku: *Gasps in shock and disbelief* Oh my god. Oh my god… you didn’t. Betty Greta Rhapsody… Tell me that you didn’t just do that…. Please tell me that it isn’t true.

Pidge: Tell you what? *Confused* What’s going on?

Betty: What? That i didn’t do it. Yes. i did it. i did do it. and i am glad that i did it. I saw the hurt look on Aunt Princess Charlene’s face. she was really devastated. broken. she really loved her son. Mom, i had to do something. i had to.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling dizzy and feeling faint* I think that i’m gonna have a heart attack.

Pidge: *Curious* Where did you set the body?

Betty: I set it in Princess Charlene’s house.

Princess Rikku: Huh? Come again? You did what? You Placed a dead body in your Aunt’s house. the body of her dead son… who is your dead cousin? Have you gone mad? Why did you do that?

Betty: I placed him in the house. He is alive. Me and Angel both did. and we are both glad to have done it. we are glad for doing it. We will not regret it either. I wasn’t gonna just let Princess Charlene go without having her son in her life or in her arms. It is wrong and nothing but an act of malice to just let her go and live without her son in her life. It’d be just like if it were me who happened to have been the one killed and you had to see me lying there lifeless on that gurney and on my way to the morgue. knowing that they’d do an autopsy. it was not fair nor was it right. Mom, you gave me these powers; these holy powers. and if i can’t use them to perform miracles and do the things that are meant to be done, then what was the reason for me to get these powers. i am not gonna let My Aunt go without her son. i know very well that death is a part of living. that it’s part of the life cycle. but it was too soon for him to go. Much too soon. I wasn’t gonna condone it. If it were me who was dead… would you really believe that Aunt Princess Charlene and the rest of the family would truly condone the idea of you going without having me in your life ever again?

Pidge: Maybe so… but Princess Charlene doesn’t know that. Betty… your mom gave you those powers… but you should also keep in mind that you’re not a god. you can’t be playing god. Your aunt doesn’t know that he’s alive… she still is thinking and with the reality that he’s dead.

Betty: Not yet she doesn’t know he’s alive… but she will. *Smiles* I did it for her. reuniting her with her son. it was the right thing to do. *Seeing 2 girls* Cindy and Jess… What the…? Where’s the girls? Where did Paige, Pearl and Dinah go? Did they take off or run away. They were with us at the hospital… but if that’s the case… then they ought to be here now.

Princess Rikku: They took off in a fury. they’re in rage. they are really mad and it’s all aimed directly at that Drule. What that Drule King had done was apparent’y the last straw for them. The girls are with no restraint now. Wherever they are now… they’re probably training hard and tirelessly for that big fight that is soon to come.

Pidge: King Lotor was the one responsible for killing Prince Richie as we found out. But he messed with the wrong 3 girls. Dinah is dead set on dishing out a real hard and brutal hurt lock.

Hunk: *Walking out* And i just got the word from Coran. he just called. there is a lead on the cure for the Haggarium infection.

Betty: There is? *Looking up and towards where Hunk is* Really?! Where?

Hunk: Yes. it’s on Pollux. Shock shock surprise surprise, isn’t it? Surprisingly enough to know that it’s been found there by Prince Bandor. he caught a break with it and Sven’s got it now. he’s been cured. it turns out that before the Castle siege that failed on Arus… Planet Doom tried doing the same on Pollux and failed at it. Which is natural since we beat down the heavy forces that they had in the castle. we got tied up… and nailed with that infection. but i was immune from it.

Betty: Who’s gonna go and get it? We got to figure out who’ll go and get it to the Voltron force.

Hunk: I don’t know. Who can fly and isn’t allergic to the Haggarium?

Princess Rikku: *Realizing* I think that i know who. i know just the one to do it. It’s someone who has the ability to get there…

Pidge: Who? *Curious* Who do you know to get the cure?

Princess Rikku: My cousin… Princess Trixie who is now Mrs. Stroker. the Wife to your brother Chip. her. AquaticBurn.

Pidge: You’re kidding, right? Your cousin?

Princess Rikku: no. I am not kidding. she can do it. she has the ability to turn into a Dragon. she can still transform into a Dragon. she’s the perfect one to do it.

Hunk: Then call her. tell her about the situation and get her over there. She’s now our only bet on getting that cure and getting it over to Keith, Lance, Tammy and Larmina.

Princess Rikku: *Nods* On it. *Getting the phone and starting to make a call*

Suddenly the phone rings…

Princess Rikku: *With the phone in her hand; Answering it* Hello?

Princess Charlene: *On the Phone* Cousin… My son… He’s… He’s… He’s alive.

Princess Rikku: *On the Phone* He’s Alive?! Oh my god. how is that possible? we saw him lying on the gurney lifeless.

Princess Charlene:  we all did cousin… but somehow he is alive. i am looking at him right now. he’s alive…Breathing… Walking… Talking. he is alive. I don’t know what the heck happened and/or how Your Daughter… My Niece Betty did it… but i want you to send her my gratitude and my deepest thanks. i am so thankful.

Princess Rikku: I am surprised too. i kinda Scolded her. because i didn’t know what she did and the way it looked… well you were trying to say your last Good-byes to your son and she took that away.

Princess Charlene: I know she did. i was really hurt about that. but i don’t think that would even matter anymore. The main thing is that now i have my son back.  i am not gonna ever forget that.

Princess Rikku: I am happy to hear that. It’s good to hear that things are happy again.

Princess Charlene: *Smiles* Yes. Very happy indeed. I love happy moments. I hope that the 3 girls nail the one who almost took my son away from me for good. i hope that they nail him good.

Princess Rikku: I do too. I haven’s seen them since they left the hospital. I don’t know where they could have gone… they could be anywhere.

Princess Charlene:  You should go and look for them.

Princess Rikku: How? I don’t even know where they took off to. they could be anywhere. I don’t know where they went off to. but they sure lifted up into the sky. where to after that… i have no clue. i don’t know.

Princess Charlene: Well… Maybe the 4 boys know.

Princess Rikku: The Rhapsody Brothers?! How could they know?

Princess Charlene: Have Pidge or Hunk tell you.

Princess Rikku: *Confused and a bit curious* W-why? Do you mean to tell me that they might know something that i should know about?

Princess Charlene: Precisely.

Princess Rikku: *Grins* I see. i guess that a little talk with them will be in order. something fishy is going on. i don’t quite know if i like it either.

Princess Charlene: Don’t be too rough on them though. it could just be something easily explained.

Princess Rikku: Well Someone better do some explaining. and soon.

Princess Charlene: I know. I better go. It’s getting kinda late and it’s been a very emotional day for us all.

Princess Rikku: *Sighs and chuckles* In more than one way. Heh Heh heh! Talk to you later.

Princess Charlene: You bet. Loves.

Seconds later…

Princess Rikku dialed the # to her cousin Princess Trixie’s house and tried to get a hold of her. She couldn’t reach her cousin, but a few minutes later… the phone rang and Princess Rikku answered it to hear her cousin’s voice on the other end. It was Mrs. Stroker who was her cousin Princess Trixie.

Mrs. Stroker: Hello? Who’s this?

Princess Rikku: Cousin, It’s me.

Mrs. Stroker: *Recognizing the voice* Princess Rikku? Oh… Hey, i thought that was you. for a minute there you sounded really different. almost like your mom.  *Giggles a little*

Princess Rikku: *Scoffs* Oh Gee… Thanks. Thanks a lot. *Giggles*

Mrs. Stroker: What’s up?

Princess Rikku: I was calling because apparently there is something going on and it’s got something to do with Haggarium and curing the infected.

Mrs. Stroker: Haggarium, huh? Hmm… now that’s something you don’t hear of every day. What’s the deal?

Princess Rikku: we need someone to fly over to a Planet Pollux and pick up the cure. the cure is there and can cure the infected members of the Voltron force of the Haggarium. it can cure them. But we can’t send anyone.

Mrs. Stroker: What about Betty? Can’t she go?

Princess Rikku: She can’t. She’s fatally allergic to the Haggarium. if any of it gets on her… it could kill her.

Mrs. Stroker: What about the 3 girls? Couldn’t they go?

Princess Rikku: Good idea… but there is one little problem with that. They’re not here…

Mrs. Stroker: Where are they?

Princess Rikku: Don’t know. but from what i know is that we almost lost Prince Richie today and Betty miraculously brought him back to life. but before that happened… Paige, Pearl and Dinah all flew up into the air and took off. talking about training for a final Showdown with some Drule.

Mrs. Stroker: You’re kidding me, Right Cousin? They are gonna go and battle a Drule to the death.

Princess Rikku: I believe so. it’s bad. I have not seen them since sometime this afternoon. they are gone.

Mrs. Stroker: Any idea as to where they could have gone?

Princess Rikku: That is something that i wish i knew. i don’t know. i just worry about them. they sure sounded rather angry, I just hope that they don’t do anything that they could regret.

Mrs. Stroker: I can’t go and find them and get the cure… I’ll go and get the cure. it’s okay. i wouldn’t mind doing it. Besides. i think that the force has been down long enough. it’s time to get them back to being their perky selves again.

Princess Rikku: I agree. Thanks again Cousin.

Mrs. Stroker: Hey. Don’t mention it. Besides… i do have the ability to transform into a Dragon after all. don’t i?

Princess Rikku: You sure do?

Mrs. Stroker: I’ll take off to head for Planet Pollux at the butt-crack of dawn. that Cure is as good as ours.

Princess Rikku: Good luck.

Mrs. Stroker: Thanks.

On Arus…

At the castle of Lions…

Prince Alvin: *Looking at Larmina* The cure has been found. it’s gonna be in our possession before long.

Larmina: *Coughing and Hacking as the Infection takes more effect on her* It’s about time… Tammy is miraculously beating the infection… but it’s still in her. she’s not even sick. which is more than what i can say about the rest of us.

Lance: I can’t stand being in bed anymore… i got to the point where i just hate beds now…

Tammy: I Just want Pidge back. i want to see him. and i think that I’m gonna see him. I am cured enough to where i won’t have to be stuck in bed. i’m not glowing purple at all. my eyes are fine too. it’s still in me. but it’s weak. That’s all i need. *Busting out and Heading to Metropolis to find Pidge*

Prince Arnold: *Running after her* Tammy… What on earth or Arus for that matter are you trying to do?

Tammy: I am going to head to see Pidge. I want to see him.

Prince Arnold: Tammy! *Slapping his head* You are seriously cracked to think that you can see him now. you’re still infected. Just because it’s weakened does not make it sound that it’s gone. you could just as easily flare up with it. and plus if you go near my Cousin Betty and your infection flares up and it kills her… The Infection will be the very least of any of your worries. I don’t enjoy being like a Gestapo or like some kind of Big muscle buffed guard… but it’s for your own good.

Tammy: But i want to see him. *Shedding tears and getting upset just thinking of how far away she was from her love* I Miss Pidge. You should know that being away from the one i love is hard. *Crying in a heartfelt and sincere tone letting out her feelings* If you had a love and you knew that you were infected with a deadly virus and you had one last chance to see the one loved… What would you do?

Prince Arnold: I wouldn’t know what i could do…. but i knew that if i was infected with something and went to see the person i loved so much and she died because of me… i would feel a pain greater than death. i’d never forgive myself.

Tammy: I’m not gonna infect anyone. i won’t even go near Betty. i’ll stay at a Hide out and just see Pidge at a distance for the time being. I’ll be fine. Plus… i am rather sick of beds now that i could just scream. It’s Not fair. i Want to see him.

Prince Arnold: *Sighs*

Larmina: I can’t bear to see her like that. Just let her go for a little bit. let her go see her love. Can’t you see that she misses him too much?

Prince Avery: That Cure will get here. *Looking at Prince Curtis* Brother… How’s Keith doing over there?

Prince Curtis: Not good. I think that we lost him. His vitals are terrible. Blood pressure 110/60 Pulse is 60 and his heart beat is strained.

Prince Alvin: Pump him full of saline and a couple of CC’s We can’t lose him… keep him alive… if nothing changes and he gets worse… then we’ll opt on pumping him full of Morphine and giving him to god. but until that time which i hope is never… just keep him alive.

Lance: *Praying* Come on Keith… Don’t you die on us. you can’t go out on us. Stay with us Keith.

Larmina: *Concerned* Hang on Uncle… please… Hang on. the Cure will come. we’re gonna get you cured soon. just hang on. it’s almost over.

Tammy however Snuck out and made her way to Metropolis… She was not about to be kept away from her love a second longer. she wanted to see him and was gonna do anything she could to see him again. she was not gonna be stuck in a bed anymore. She wanted out. The others all looked around for her and lost track of her. they looked all over the castle and didn’t see a sign of her anywhere. It was getting serious. she was on her way to see Pidge.

However back in Metropolis…

At Princess Trixie’s/Mrs. Stroker’s house…

Mrs. Stroker: *Thinking about where her cousin’s 3 girls could be* Where could those Rhapsody girls have gone?

Chip: *Looking at his wife* Hey Trixie. What’s on your mind?

Mrs. Stroker: Nothing really. just thinking about My Cousin’s 3 girls. they took off on her this afternoon and have not come back home since.

Chip: *Gasps* Oh no. that’s terrible. Do you think that they’re okay?

Mrs. Stroker: I sure hope so. but it’s just not like them. Princess Rikku told me that there is a Cure on planet Pollux that could cure the Haggarium from the infected. i was asked by Princess Rikku to get it.

Chip: I don’t get it. She asked you? *Confused* I don’t get it… why you? Why couldn’t she get Betty to go and get it?

Mrs. Stroker: That’s the same thing that i asked her. but there is a problem. she can’t. Betty is fatally allergic to it. if any Haggarium gets on her… it’d kill her.

Chip: What about the sister of hers… Angel? She’s not allergic to it….is she?

Mrs. Stroker: *Shrugs* that… i don’t know. i don’t know. but i suppose that if Betty is allergic to it… then i suspect that she too is allergic to it.

Chip: Are you really thinking about going?

Mrs. Stroker: Someone’s got to. The 4 boys are watching over the Voltron force at the Castle of Lions on Arus. The 3 girls are off somewhere i don’t know where and neither does Princess Rikku. Betty is Allergic and Angel might be just as allergic as she is. Princess Charlene can’t. She’s not wanting to leave her son currently. Who else do we know that can fly? King John can’t do it. No one else can turn into a dragon.

Chip: *Sighs* Point taken…

With the problems soon to be solved and with it decided on who is gonna get the Cure for the Haggarium and where it was… Would there be enough time to get it? Prince Richie is alive. but is it permanent? Where are the Rhapsody Girls? Where did they take off to and are they still on Earth? Will King Lotor appear and try to dish out a sneak attack on the 3 girls? The Final showdown was drawing fatally clear and the stages were being set. the final destination was being formed for the final match. When the final battle with King Lotor begins… what are the girls to expect from him? Would they be ready and would the Rhapsody brothers be ready to aid them in the defeat of King Lotor? It was anchors aweigh for them. What was next? Would Tammy and Pidge ever get to meet again? Find out in chapter 20 as the saga of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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