The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #15- We’re gonna rise to Haggarium.

Paige: Come on girls. It’s time to get rid of this beast before it tears up this planet.

Pearl: *Nods*

The girls then began to launch moves on the beast.

Paige: *Launching an attack* Hearty Love Attack!

Pearl: *Launching an attack* Rapid Bubble burst!

Dinah: *Launching an attack* Haggarium break-up!

Prince Alvin: *attacking the beast* Proton Missiles!

Prince Arnold: *Attacking the beast* Lion tail blaster!

Prince Avery: *Attacking the beast* Lion Grenades!

Prince Curtis: *Attacking the beast* Roder missiles!

King John: Come on boys… Let’s surround this beast and block its path.

Prince Alvin: *Nods* Right. Boys… you heard him… time to surround this beast and contain it.

Prince Arnold: Blue lion Engaging left. *Going to the left of the beast*

Prince Avery: Green Lion Engaging right. *Going to the right of the beast*

Prince Curtis: Yellow Lion Engaging to the back. *Heading to the back of the beast*

Prince Alvin: *Staying in front of the beast*

King John: Going to head to the top of the beast. *Flying to the top* We’ll drain it. with the beast drained… it’ll weaken it and render it defenseless.

Paige: *Attacking the beast* Love’s Swarm!

Pearl: *Attacking the beast* Bubble Swarm!

Dinah: *Attacking the beast* Thunder Whammy!

The beast was still coming forward and wasn’t showing any signs of weakening… They tried attacking it again and tried to get it to stop. However what got them to pause for a moment was hearing the beast speak. It was saying: “Must Destroy Castle… Will destroy Castle. nothing will stop me.” It pressed forward and started going through the forest. There was nothing they could do to stop it… However as they tried to keep it back and away from the castle. they thought about using the lions to bite into the Robeast and carry it to the desert area far away from the castle. The Desert was miles away from the castle and there would be less Casualties and minimal damage.

Paige and her sisters followed along and helped out. this was to be their fight and they knew that they’d have to be the ones to beat it. This beast was a tough one. it was gonna be tough to destroy it. there was impenetrable skin surrounding the beast and it showed no marks. It was not gonna look good for them. Paige and her sisters didn’t want to call for Betty and Angel but knew that they had little to no choice. Nothing was stopping it.

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Calling for their sisters* Betty… Angel… HELP!!!

Suddenly a Voice sounded…

“The sacred bond of Justice has been broken…
the restful mind of heaven…threatened. the Light of the world near
the point of no return… The psychic force seized and in peril…
your pleas and cries for salvation have been heard.
Look up to the heavens for i shall be your oath and divine path
to lasting salvation. I am……Angelic Raven!

“Fear not said the lord… Your cries for help are heard. his Embrace shall protect you from the presence of the devil. My righteous mind sees all and hears all. the Mind of heaven will pierce the Devil and his power. my children… Look up to me. i have come to save you. I am your Savior’s Warrior. I am… Angelic Raven!”

“The Darkness of Heaven beckons to all in need. the Evil that vows to cover the land with it’s blanket of doom and despair… shall meet it’s match. The Force of Heaven and the Rage of it’s dark touch shall rip away the Darkness from the Devil’s Embrace. Look towards me to even the field and provide the innocent souls a fighting chance. I am… Angelic Darkhand!”

Within seconds later Betty and Angel showed up and came into the scene. it was  now an Even match. Paige and her sisters continued to Fight the beast off with the Rhapsody Brothers…

King John: This beast is not backing down. It’s time to form the Mighty Robot Voltron.

Prince Alvin: *nods* Just say the word, commander. We’re ready.


Prince Alvin/Prince Arnold/Prince Avery/Prince Curtis: *With King John; Chanting* Let’s go VOLTRON FORCE!

King John: *The Lions turn into limbs for the Mighty Robot* FORM FEET AND LEGS!! FORM ARMS AND BODY!! AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD!!

The Parts sizzled and Buzzed as they clanged together and locked into place… Click… Snap they went and within seconds the Mighty Defender Voltron was formed and ready to fight…

King John: Shoot the Lion head at it. Knock it back!

The lion heads release from Voltron and fire right at the beast and Bash into it with velocity. It knocked the beast back a few feet and caused it to lose it’s footing. but the beast was still fighting back. it kept coming…

Betty: *Catching the beast moving ahead and relentlessly make way to the castle* STOP!  *Attacking the beast* HEAVEN’S THUNDER! *Charging up and building strength; making her eyes glow purple with Psychic energy; suddenly spinning at a fast speed creating a wind storm of psychic energy; Launching the attack at (The Robeast)* Psychic Twister!

Angel: *Attacking the Beast* DARK THUNDER!

Betty: Let’s hit it again… *Attacking the beast* Heaven’s RIGHTEOUS LIGHT! *lifts hands in the air as holy energy and wind combines* Feel the power of Angelic Raven! *psychic energy forms with the ongoing energy* Almighty Psychic Wind Storm!

The Beast took the hits and fell back with a huge Kaboom… it hit the ground hard but seconds later… Roared with Rage and got up. It Swiped it’s claws at the girls and then at the Lions. It was finally showing signs of weakness and with the marks it was showing off, it was starting to get really angry with unfettering rage and vengeance. The Girls were knocked to the ground and hit it hard. but got saved by soft bushes to catch their fall.  Paige, Pearl and Dinah were on the ground and looking at the beast.

Paige: How are we gonna beat that thing? Nothing is having an effect on it. there is nothing affecting it.

Pearl: *Shrugs* I don’t know. we tried everything we knew to do and it hasn’t even made a scratch on it.

Dinah: *Frustrated* What exactly is that thing anyway? A Titanium steel beast? It’s like a tank. is there anything that can penetrate the beast and wear it out? It’s like the beast’s got some Solar Battery that doesn’t seem to run out.

King John: Fall back and regroup… We’re gonna Form the Blazing Sword and slice the monster in two.

Paige: *Sighs* Okay.

Betty: I’m going to attack it again. the beast is going down. It’s unholy and will not live. Not as long as the Lord has a say about it.

Angel: *Attacking the beast* ABYSS OF DARKNESS! *Launching another attack* EARTHQUAKE OF DARKNESS!

Betty: Time to let this thing have a surprise… Angel. Let’s Present the Fused form to this beast.

Angel: The Fused Form? *Grins* Angelic Overlord!

Betty: *Nods* that’s right.

Angel: Okay. Let’s Give this beast a real meal of defeat.

Betty Rhapsody and Angel Rhapsody: *Together and getting in formation* Fu….Sion….. Haaaa! *Connecting their fingers together and Joining as one* From the hand of God… From his Love and righteous might… Combine Angelic Raven and Angelic Darkhand into one and become ANGELIC OVERLORD!!!!!

King John: *Gasps seeing the fusion technique* What the?! How on earth are they able to do that?

Prince Alvin: *Watching the Fusion* Whoa! that’s Heavy…

Prince Arnold: I know… that’s just unheard of. How are they able to do that?

Prince Avery: I don’t know. but they are now combined into one person.

Angelic Overlord: *Standing before the Robeast* The Vile touch you possess on this planet is unwanted and shall be purged from the planet. The Righteous embrace of the Lord shall do you in… *Launching an attack at the beast* Alpha RAY’S OF HEAVEN! *Launching another attack at the Beast* HEAVEN’S RAGING BLAST!

The beast took the hits and started to crack open and show that it was nearing death. it was indeed a Titanium steel beast. it had Haggarium inside it. the beast was beginning to disintegrate. It gave the Three girls a shot to finish it off…

Paige: *Looking at her sisters* Okay girls… now’s our chance. Let’s land the last blow on the beast. it’s all over now for the beast. We can do it.

Pearl: Right.

Dinah: *Flying up and Spinning her hammer at fast speed into the beast and chipping away at the beast. Tearing at the beast piece by piece* Thunder Twister!

Paige: *Looking at Dinah going at the beast with speed* It’s working. the beast is fading away. Go Dinah… it’s almost over. the Beast has nothing left. it’s crumbling to pieces now… keep tearing at it.

Pearl: I’ll help! *Launching an attack at the beast* Swarming Bubbles!

Paige: *Launching an attack at the beast* Swirling Hearts!

Within seconds the beast collapsed and as it fell to the ground, it blew up. it became a pile of dust and Vanished without a trace. The beast took alot out of them and wore them all out… it wasn’t easy for them to rid the planet of the beast. it kept coming and coming with no means of stopping. it was heading right for the castle. but it was a relief that it was finally beat. What they didn’t know was that there was gonna be a problem. King Lotor ordered for their friend Hunk to be captured and subjected to mind control.

The First Encounter with King Lotor’s Power increasing and facing a strong Robeast that happened to be nearly impenetrable was won… but there was soon more to come. King Lotor was not gonna be done with them… not one bit… He had more tricks up his sleeve.

On Planet Doom…

Hunk: *Busting out with his Voltcom weapon and smashing the guards in the wall left and right* I’m not gonna be turned against my friends. No way. if you and that Drule think that i’m gonna be that docile and just let you get me under your control… you’re just barking up the wrong tree. this powerhouse isn’t for sale on the Mind control. *Reaching the Exit* Say goodbye.

Maahox: *Ordering the Guards* STOP HIM!!!!

Hunk: *Swinging his Rocking Battle Axe into Maahox and Knocking him out cold* Nice try… you’re not getting me.

Hunk then took the chance and ran to a ship and got inside it… He was not meant to be a prisoner and was not gonna stay around and allow for the Drule to control his mind. he lifted off and made his way to Where the girls lived. he made sure that he got within a few feet from the house and then abandoned the ship before making the rest of the way to the house on foot. he made it out unscathed… but it was a close call and luckily he was able to bust free from the clutches of King Lotor.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Princess Rikku: *Smiling at Pidge* I Don’t know why we broke up… but it’s good being able to see you more now. I know that we can’t ever be one again. but we kinda are since Betty is also your Daughter as she is mine.

Pidge: I know. *Working on the New Weapon designed for Dinah* I really feel that you and i should be together again. but i don’t want to break Tammy’s heart. i don’t desire to break yours in process of keeping from breaking Tammy’s heart. She doesn’t need to get her heart broken. Princess Rikku, You know that i Love you still. i always have. but i Love Tammy. she is my girlfriend now. As much as i Love you as well as i love her. i don’t know if i’d ever be able to look at you again if you and i did something to deliberately break Tammy’s heart.

Princess Rikku: *Feeling a little hurt* I don’t aim to break anyone’s heart, Pidge. Why would even think that?

Pidge: Because i know what you’re after. You are wanting me and you to be one again. As much as i would be willing to have that… the reality of it is that i can’t. Because i can’t have two lovers. it’s just not possible. You and i are forever tied because of Betty. but we’re not together anymore. Tammy and i are. *Programming the Weapon and sautering the wires in the required spots* Let’s see here… the Green and Purple go into the central… and the red and blue go into the side holes. *Seeing a couple sparks* Damn it… *Trying again*

Princess Rikku: *Looking at the weapon* What’s Wrong?

Pidge: The Damn Wires are not working. the Chip keeps rejecting the programming…  The Weapon is not staying in one piece.

Princess Rikku: Oh my… *Feeling bad* I’m sorry. Is there anything to fix it?

Pidge: I don’t know. I need Hunk here. he’s more into the welding… but without him… i can only do what i can with the know how that i have. I can do the programming… and the wiring… but the welding and the heavy building… i can’t do quite as good as Hunk can.

Princess Rikku: *Wondering* What’s the deal with Hunk anyway? Is he like a Mechanic?

Pidge: Yeah… he is. he was accepted into the Garrison for his high skills in mechanic and the know how of the welding and machines. plus the brute strength.

Princess Rikku: And you were accepted for being like a High I.Q Prodigy. with the technical and electronic know how.

Pidge: That’s right.

Princess Rikku: Where is Hunk anyway?

Pidge: I have no idea… *Sighs* Sure wish he was here giving me a hand with this though… I plan on presenting the girls with their Weapon Upgrades for their powers. but i can’t till all the weapons are built, Programmed and test out perfect and are working perfectly.

Hunk: *Walking in* Then it’s a good thing that i am here to provide the extra muscle to the building. *Walking over to the weapon and seeing where it’s coming apart* You having trouble with the weapon, Little Buddy?

Pidge: *Looking to see Hunk* Yeah. i am. *Pauses* When did you get here? Where were you?

Hunk: I can’t discuss where i was and why Pidge. It’s Top secret. But there’s no need to worry. We’ll get this weapon built and finished in no time… *Grabbing the Welder and welding the weapon at the spots where it’s coming apart* Let’s see here… The top is loose and the bottom is weak. We’ll fix that. *Welding the weapon* Make sure the Wires are on the outside and not inside the weld… this welding torch is gonna get hot and could fuse the wires together if they’re too close to the heat. *With his Welding Helmet on and Looking to see Princess Rikku near by* Stay back, Ma’am. cover your eyes. this light can blind you if you stare into it. it’ll burn your eyes.

Pidge: *Holding the Wires out while Hunk welds the weapon* Okay.

As for The girls… they were still in school and barely got out after the final bell rang…

Paige: *Looking at her Candy* Time for a sweet candy fix. *Licking her lips*

Pearl: *Thinking about going to see a Movie with a class friend* I’m gonna go see if Cindy wants to see a movie. she looked kinda lonely in class today. it was like as if something was bothering her.

Dinah: I’m going to the park to shoot some hoops with Dennis. Betty’s Crush can really play. I wonder if he can play Guitar… I’m tough… but i kinda feel like a total sucker for a guy with a musical six string.

Paige: We’ll meet at the corner by the park.

Pearl: You got it. See you later Paige… See you later Dinah.

Dinah: Sure. it’s a plan. *Running off to the park*

At the Movies minutes later…

Pearl: *With her friend Cindy* Want to see a movie?

Cindy: Sure. Let’s see something good. They have that Avatar movie out again. Let’s see that.

Pearl: Okay. *Smiles* I kinda like that movie. it’s pretty cute. *Walking up to the Ticket booth* It’s sure cold out today. maybe it’ll be warmer inside.

Cindy: Yeah.

Pearl: *Buying the tickets* Two tickets for the Movie Avatar Please.

Ticket Taker: $8 Dollars please.

Pearl: *Nods* Okay. *Giving the money for the Tickets* There you go. Thank you.

After Pearl received the tickets, she took a look at her friend and smiled. they walked in together and went to where the movie was gonna show and walked in to grab a good seat.

As for Dinah… she was at the park with Dennis.

Dinah: *Shooting hoops with Dennis* Eventful day at school, wasn’t it?

Dennis: *Shrugs* I guess. i didn’t really notice. Why?

Dinah: There was a monster attack at the school this morning. During the 1st period.

Dennis: *Pauses* Come again… A Monster attack? at the school? I guess that’s what all the commotion was when i was in band class. there was too much noise and it blocked out the noise. I did hear someone though… someone say: “Monster WHOPPER!” i recall hearing that. but i didn’t think anything of it. it kinda just got me feeling hungry.

Dinah: You heard that… *Thinking to self* The secret is out. he knows about me and my sisters. he knows about it all. What am i gonna do? what’ll i tell him? He’s gonna think that i’ve just cracked. *Looking away* I don’t know how you could hear that through all that noise in band.

Dennis: It doesn’t make sense. i know. but you got to figure… it’s really out there for a monster attack to occur in school. but what were those extra voices?  that’s what i’d like to know. they sounded familiar. one of them sounded just like you.

Dinah: *Groans* Oh good god. *Sighs* i guess that if i keep trying to cover the whole superhero thing up… it’ll be like i’m hiding something because of embarrassment. But Dennis, you best not tell people about it. *Glaring a little* I’m serious. because if word gets out to people… it will make things very complicated. and if people find out about it… i’ll know you told and i’ll rough you up for telling.

Dennis: *Laughs* Oh… please. like i’d really tell anyone. i don’t believe in squealing to people about things that don’t concern me. If you’re a super… big deal. *Thinking and feeling a little curious* You’re not a Super… for real… are you?

Dinah: *Nods slowly in a bit of embarrassment* I am. *Looking down at her power buckle* See the thing  around my waist? That’s a power buckle. it can activate in two ways… and 1 is by someone saying the Line: “Rhapsody Girls… WE NEED YOU!” and that sets off the power buckles and well the transformation happens. the group transformation is kinda like where more than one person transforms at the same time. or if one does it. alone… well it goes on like they just will it to happen. something like that effect.

Dennis: *Grinning* You wouldn’t be willing to show it off, would you?

Dinah: You are wanting to see it?

Dennis: *Smirks* Sure. why not?

Dinah: Okay.

Dinah: *Sliding the Ring across the Power Buckle; Activating it* DINAH! *Sliding the power buckle on the belt and moving her hand over it once as it glows releasing a small whirl of Stars with sparks of Thunder* …*Doing formation poses revealing her outfit appearing on her after glowing at first* … *Doing poses as she suddenly is on the last parts of transforming and seconds later fully Transformed*

Dennis: *Stunned* Whoa! Awesome! You’re really cool looking like that. Tough. You’re in a skirt. you know… some kick ass girls wear skirts. using their legs to high kick a person who is trying to attack them. the legs and the feet concealed weapons.

Dinah: *Stunned* You mean it? I for the longest time hated skirts. but if i can be that tough with a skirt. maybe skirts or dresses won’t be so bad. they’re still known to not be my all time favorite and i still really hate Skirts and dresses. but maybe i’ll just wear one every once in a while.

Dennis:  Of course. I am still into Betty. but i got to say… you look really stylish.

Dinah: *Reverting back to normal* Thanks. let’s play some hoops.

Dennis: *Making the shot* care to wager?

Dinah: How much?

Dennis: 15 to 1.

Dinah: *Having a odd look on her face* That’s a bit high… but… *Grins with a game face on* You’re on.

It was only 3 hours later when they suddenly got the call from the professor and had to return back home. their mother was gonna be wondering where they were. Dinah won the game with a lucky shot. but won it fair and square. She Smiled at Dennis and gave a friendly playful punch on the arm and Winked. She was happy hanging out with him. it was a good way to relax. Paige made way home and Pearl followed right behind. but there was something that she had to tell her sisters. however… what she didn’t know was that so did they.  What was the secret that they had to tell each other? Was it gonna be surprising? Were they gonna be ready for the truth? What was the Professor calling them home for? Was it about the incident at school? What about King Lotor? what was he planning to do next? Would his next attack finally do the Rhapsody Girls in? What about the Voltron Force…Would they ever see freedom and be cured of the Haggarium? Find out in Chapter 16 as the saga of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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