The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #13- The Rhapsody Brothers become the Voltron force… The Battle plan to push King Lotor back and find the Cure.

The Control Room…

Prince Alvin: *Looking to see Coran* Whoa! Are you the one who summoned us?

Coran: That is correct. but i believe that the one you 4 should ask for the details  or be briefed by… is King John. He is the one who is training you to prepare to fly the Lions. Your training starts at Dawn.

Prince Arnold: *Gasps* We’re gonna be flying lions? But aren’t they for the pilots to fly? Where’s the Voltron Force? Aren’t they the ones who’re supposed to be flying them?

Coran: Originally… yes. they’d be the ones who’d fly them. but unfortunately… 4 of the 5 pilots who fly the robot lions have been infected with Haggarium. they can’t be able to fly or go on. It’s up to the new recruits to do it till they get a cure and receive a clean bill of health from it.

Prince Avery: So… that means that we’re gonna be the new force till the Pilots are cured of the disease, doesn’t it?

Prince Curtis: I guess that we do it. we do fly and can teleport rather fast. Eh, Why not.

Coran: There is also something else you might want to know. the one who is gonna be briefing you… is also the one who’s gonna join you. he’s gonna be the commander. and the 1st one of you is gonna be the right hand. leading the rest on.

Prince Alvin: i agree. Let’s do it.

Prince Arnold: I’m with you. Let’s do it. let’s go.

Prince Avery: Let’s go to the lions and train.

Prince Curtis: right. we’re gonna need to train. if we want to be ready to go through with this. I am betting that those 3 girls are gonna be asking a lot of questions.

Prince Alvin: Don’t worry about them. They’ll be thinking that it’s the team. we’ll just do the flying and the piloting just like they’d do it. it’ll be okay.

but minutes later…

King John: *Walking in* You boys have been accepted to be the pilots of the Lions till the original members of the Voltron force are back in command. and are also being promoted to Lieutenant. That’s a great honor. you boys should wear it with pride and wear it proud. there is a battle effort in place. and i’ve been asked to put it in line by Sky Marshall Graham. You boys know what top secret means?

Prince Alvin: Yes sir. it’s where you earn medals for your efforts and for your devotion to the service. but they send the medals you earn to your relatives.

King John: It means you that you go without knowing exactly where it is that you’re going… you go on those basis or not at all.

Prince Arnold: We understand sir.

King John: There is only one more thing that i can tell you right now…

Prince Avery: What’s that sir?

King John: That’s leave your goddamn paradise shirts at home. you won’t be in need of them for a long time.

However in Metropolis…

Hunk: *Fixing the Kitchen Sink and making it like new* The Kitchen faucet was leaking. but it won’t be doing that anymore once i’m done with it. it’ll be all fixed and won’t cost you extra on the water bill.

Princess Rikku: *Smiles* Thanks. you’re being such a big help around here. i just wish that i could do that. maybe that’s just something that i’ll never be able to do.

Hunk:  You’ll be able to do it. it’s just all in the wrist. *Noticing a Buzz on his Voltcom* Whoa…  uh… excuse me for a minute. i got to answer this. i’ll be right back.

Princess Rikku: *Shrugs* okay.

Hunk then runs to the Garage and answers the call…

Hunk:  *Responding to the call* What’s up Coran?

Coran: We need you here for a top secret operation that is about to be underway. It concerns King John’s boys and a battle plan to take back control and put King Lotor in his place.

Hunk: Those are Lance’s words. but i agree. it’s a good plan. but how can i leave here? Pidge is needing me to help with the Inventions for the girls. What’ll i tell him.

Coran:  The truth. that you’re needed back here. and that’s something considered to be top secret.

Hunk:  *Sighs* Alright. i’ll be on my way soon. i’ll try to hitch a ride on over to the Castle. I Sure hope that you and King John know what you’re doing with planning a sneak attack on that Drule.

Coran: I feel the same as you do, Hunk. but we’re gonna need to act now before Lotor tries to launch an attack of his own and knocks us all down.

Hunk: He can’t destroy a planet.

Coran: Not necessarily true. he can or shall i say his now deceased father King Zarkon can. Remember Planet Balto?

Hunk: *Realizing* Oh yeah… I feel sorry for Pidge. losing his home planet. poor little buddy.

Coran: Tragic… i know. please hurry.

Hunk then grabs his coat and lets Pidge know about what’s going on and heads out making his way to Arus. he didn’t want to leave him hanging. he wanted to be around to help Pidge with the Weapons for the girls… but he knew that he had a duty to answer to and could not ignore it. He made sure that he let everyone know before he took off to go to Arus. Within minutes later…

Pidge: *Sitting in a Chair in the backyard With his Daughter* Hunk is off to Arus. I don’t know what’s going on and what’s got him in a hurry to get back to Arus… but whatever it is… it’s got to be important.

Betty: *Sighs* I can tell. I can’t seem to wonder why i can’t go to Arus right now. is it that bad there?

Pidge: Yes. Betty. the team has been infected with Haggarium. you’re fatally allergic to it. if you get anywhere near it… it could practically kill you. I don’t know how that is possible, but it is. one touch of it might kill you. *Thinking* and of course even if you were able to be careful and steer at a distance away from it… it could flare up and jump up to get at you if you’re not careful.

Betty: *Looking at the sky* It’s a real nice night out. pleasant just like the Lord has made it to be. just another one of his many blessed gifts.

Pidge: It’s sure a nice night. the stars are really sparkling. I think that Pearl would love to see something like this. she is into fashion after all. seeing a beautiful sight like this… it’d be appealing to her, wouldn’t it?

Betty: I agree. it would. *Hearing a Song play nearby* I can’t do that one… i can’t do Japanese lyrics…

Pidge: Why? What is it?

Betty: It’s Komatsu Ayaka. some song called Romance.

Pidge: Oh… that one huh. Hmm. that would be a little problem. but you’re not alone in that. even i can’t sing that. and i heard it once or twice… but i just can’t understand how to sing the song. *Realizing what time it is* It’s about time for you to get some shut-eye Princess. it’s bed time.

Betty:  okay. *Hugging her father before heading in for bed* Love you.

Pidge: *Hugging Betty back* and i Love you too, Precious. Night sweetie.

Betty:  Night. *Hovering inside and heading off to bed*

Princess Rikku:  *Walking out towards Pidge* Nice night out, isn’t it?

Pidge: *Turning to see Princess Rikku* Uh, yeah. It is. I’m just taking a little bit of time off from working on the weapons for the girls. i got Paige’s weapon all done. and Pearl’s new weapon is all done. All i got to do is Dinah’s new weapon… Build it and then program it… and then test it out to make sure it works. but it’s coming out pretty good i’d say.

Princess Rikku: *A little uneased* I am still not so comfortable with the fact that they have weapons. I guess that since it’s part of their Hero form or power i need to just used to it.

Pidge: It’s only for their hero form. i won’t make one for them to use in their normal form. that’s not what i intend on doing.

Princess Rikku:  Same here. Hero form is one thing with the weapons… but with them having it when they’re in their normal form… that’s just more than what i am willing to deal with.

Pidge: *Grins* That would make the two of us.

Princess Rikku:  What all did Betty say?

Pidge: Not much. she was just wondering why Hunk was jetting back to Arus again. She also wanted to know why she couldn’t go to Arus and help them out. She took it quite well. a bit better than i’d normally expect her to.

Princess Rikku:  She is easy to understand. she might be a little down, but she knows that’s  for a reason and she won’t aim to break or bend them.

Pidge: The girls never did that. they were framed when the dark ones were doing all those bad rotten things.

Princess Rikku:  I realize that now. but with no way to tell them apart… it made it where they were automatically seen as the bad ones. those girls sure had me convinced.

Pidge: They had us all convinced, Princess. they did.

Princess Rikku: But it really got me feeling crappy when the truth came out and the real bad ones came forward. I really felt bad for how i spoke to them. i almost came close to taking off and never coming back. *Sighs* I wonder what happened to those 3 girls.

Pidge: They’re on Arus the last time i heard of them. they were placed in a secluded location. almost the same one that… well… you know.

Princess Rikku: Yeah. i know. that was back before you and i broke up. and before you became the professor to the 3 girls of mine and found out that you were the father to my Daughter Betty. I Miss the days where you and i were together. i Still have feelings for you deep down inside.

Pidge: *Jumps* Princess Rikku, What the heck is wrong with you? You and i broke up. I am with Tammy now. i Love her. now… i haven’t forgotten the times that we had. i treasure those alot. i miss those days at times… but we broke up. i did it to save you from being a Widow. i know that you’d hate being a widow or being a Divorcee if we were one and then had a you know… That D word. i don’t want you going through that. i know about the childhood you had. your Cousin told me all about it. so i’m saving you from heartache. I retired from being a pilot. i don’t regret it. but i am still with Tammy. Now I’m going to give Tammy the love of my whole heart… but I don’t think I’ll ever look at another happy couple without thinking of you… I’ll love you my whole life.

Princess Rikku: *With a Tear in her eye* You mean that still? I should turn away. but i can’t. since you and i broke up… i couldn’t really find happiness anywhere. no one wanted me. Dark and i had a little time as a couple and a couple kids came out of it. but it didn’t last. Hawkman… he broke my heart and dumped me in the middle of our romantic moment. i felt so alone since you and i came apart.

Pidge: *Looking down* I know. i only wanted you to be with someone better and one who’d make you happy. i know i made you blissful and so complete… but back then there was a war going on and chances were that i could have been killed. but i knew that if i was… and we were together… it’d make you a widow. i didn’t want that for you. you don’t need to be put through the life of being a Widow. i wasn’t gonna let that happen. that’s why i’ve done what i’ve done.

Princess Rikku: To save me from living life being a Widower. It’s not like i wouldn’t mind. But we just grew a bit apart. the break up was liable to happen one way or another.

Pidge: *Sighs* I can tell. Tammy is a wonderful girl. I love her. But when it comes to love… it can just be rather complicated.

Princess Rikku: Try being a single mother and having no guy to call your very own. That is what hurts. it’s lonesome. thank god i have my family close by. but i find that i got to pour my tales of the lonely heart to them everyday while the girls are in school. otherwise… i am just at home with no company. and just talking to inanimate objects. that’s not something that i enjoy stooping to.

Pidge: *Understanding how Princess Rikku is feeling* It’s sad. i never knew that you had it that hard since i left.


as for the 3 girls…

Paige: *Laying down on her bed* I wonder what the 4 boys were up to. they sure were secretive today when we ran into them.

Pearl: They were up to something. But what could it have been? IT’s not like them to be hiding things from us. One of them mentioned something about flying the Lions…

Dinah: That would be Prince Arnold. i caught that outburst from him.

Paige: Why would they be going to Arus to… *Gasps as it hits her* Oh god.

Pearl: Our Uncle King John is diving into a phase of being like some Military captain.

Dinah: *Shoots out* What?!

Paige: I think that it’s exactly what he’s doing. and guess who will be going through with it?

Pearl: The Rhapsody Brothers?

Dinah: Those Lions won’t respond to just anyone. they will only trust the ones that they know. What the boys are doing is a death wish.

Paige: *Trying to relax* There must be something that we can do to stop it.

Pearl: Paige, What are you talking about? They’re boys. How can anyone stop or steer a boy from what they set their minds to?

Dinah: Boys are strange. but our Cousins… they happen to know what they want.

Paige: That’s what i’m afraid of… *Looking at Dinah* Wait a minute… I thought that you said just a second ago that they were going through a death wish.

Pearl: That’s true… you did say that.

Dinah: I know that. but it’s no use to deny it. the boys have made up their minds.

Paige: I think that we should go over and try to stop them.

Pearl: *Shoots out with shock and concern* How? How are we to stop them? They won’t back down from it. Plus their father…our Uncle is the one who must have issued it.

Dinah: *Sighs* So that means that we’re gonna have to get through to our Uncle to get them to stop.

Paige: That’s unfortunately what we’re faced with.

Pearl: So… when do we head out?

Dinah: I’d think… the sooner… the better. but we don’t want the boys to spot us. we’re gonna have to hide and watch from the shadows when we get there.

But by time they made their decision to make their way over to Arus to catch what their Cousins were up to, it was morning and they were too late. there was nothing they could do… but they knew that if there was one person who might have answers for them… it’d be Coran. They went to find him and caught up with him in the Control Room.

Paige: *Running in with her sisters* Coran!

Coran: *Turning to see the 3 girls* Girls, What brings you 3 here? Is something the matter?

Pearl: No. but we were just wondering… Were there 4 boys here and a man about yay big?

Coran: Oh, You mean… The Rhapsody Brothers and King John?

Dinah: Yes. Were they just here?

Coran: They were… but they all left and the Lions are with them.

Paige: *Gasps* you mean that we’re too late to stop them?

Coran: *Confused* Stop them? Why on earth would you girls want to stop them?

Pearl: Because they’re making a mistake. if they go through with the plan that they are playing out with… they will be invoking a Drule and could get in lots of Danger. we can’t let them go on.

Coran: I see. but they are doing it to at least give us a fighting chance. Without Keith, Lance, Tammy and Larmina being able to take command… there is no Voltron. our defenses are gone. King John sees it. So should you…

Paige: Aren’t you forgetting us?  we can fight off the beasts and the Drule armada. we’re not ones to give up.

Pearl: that’s right. we can do it.

Dinah: We can do it. as can Our sisters Betty and Angel. The Rhapsody Brothers can do it without the Robot. we’re strong. you got defenses. Us.

Coran: They’re at Galaxy Garrison. you’ll have to fly there. it’s 500 miles away.

Pearl: We’re on it.

But on Galaxy Garrison…

The Galaxy Alliance

King John: *As captain Dolittle; speaking to his boys* The Mission that i’m asking you to go on is extremely dangerous. take a good look at the man beside you. it’s a good bet that in the next 6 to 8 weeks… you…or he……… Will be dead. *Looking at his 4 boys* For those willing to accept this mission… Step Forward.

The Rhapsody Brothers step forward and walk over to the training ground and get shown how to fly and pilot the Robotic Lions…

The greatest Ace Pilot Known as Lance McClain could fly a plane high and soar fast as an eagle 50 feet off the Garrison Runway. but i’m gonna train you to fly proud at 469 feet….because at 471 feet… you’re dead. and when you fly the lions… you’re gonna soar higher than you’ve ever soared before…50 feet off the ground. *Looking to the side and seeing Hunk* I’d like you to say hello to Lt. Garret. the surviving member of the Voltron force after the sneak attack. He’s gonna be helping you lighten the load on these fat cats.

Hunk: *Looking at all the boys* okay, get into those lions and take out the heavy items. all the steel plating… All of it. It’s all got to come off. Lose it like a hula skirt.

While they were busy with lightening the weight on the lions…

On Planet Doom…

King Lotor: *Suspecting that something was going on* Something is going on… *Calling for Maahox* MAAHOX! Come in here at once!

Maahox: *Reporting in* Yes, Sire.

King Lotor: send out a scouting team to the Pathetic freedom lovers at the alliance. i want to know what they’re up to.

Maahox: *Nods* Right away sire.

King Lotor: Also send a Robeast over to Arus. if those fools want to try to fight back… i’m gonna take the honors of keeping them busy.

Maahox: *Grins* What an excellent idea.

King Lotor: Let’s see them try to catch a breath with me on their backs every step of the way… they’ll never get a moments peace with me… Count on it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

With the plans in the making and King Lotor now vowing to launch attacks at Arus and the Alliance… What was it gonna do for the Rhapsody girls? Would it mean Extra firepower for the girls? Could it stir up more attacks from King Lotor? With no sign of the cure for the Haggarium infected… would there ever be any hope for the Voltron force? Where is the silver lining when it’s needed? What about the new weapons for the Rhapsody girls…Would they ever be done and ready for the girls to use? Will there be more of Betty and Angel? Could the future attacks from Lotor press them to fusion form and become Angelic Overlord? Find out in Chapter 14 as the saga of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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