The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter #10- Double your pleasure Double your fun…Double your pleasure With Doublemint Doublemint Haggarium… Part#2

The aftermath…

Paige: *Crying* Mom hates us. and we didn’t even do anything wrong. We weren’t the ones doing those mean things that she said that we’ve done. We were tied up and yet no one believe us.

Pearl: Let’s just grab some things and run away. There is no point being here. It might not be the answer to just run away… but it hurts too much to stay here knowing that we’re now hated. Mom is mad at us and won’t believe us. She really thinks that we did those terrible things. *Crying and with tears in her eyes*

Dinah: Yeah. *Grabbing some of her things and putting them in her bag* I’m not staying here where I am hated. I would rather be on the streets than be somewhere; where I’m not welcomed.  it’s not worth it. those posers hurt Betty and Angel and made it to where it was as though we were the ones who did it. This stinks. it really does and I hate it. I HATE IT! *Sniffing and with tears in her eyes*

The girls packed up some of their things to take with them on the road since they felt that they were hated and were gonna be facing nothing by negative sentiment from their own mother and from their sisters over the events that had happened throughout the day. The girls got up and ran away. there was no way that they’d be happy at home again. Their lives there have been abruptly changed for the worse and no one they knew was willing to listen to reason. It was sad indeed and it was breaking their hearts. The girls snuck out the window and barely got to their back yard when…

Betty: *Scoffs* Don’t even talk to me. I don’t even want to see you… or know you 3. My faith is shattered and Angel is Suicidal and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

Paige: Betty, it wasn’t us. we weren’t even in school when the stuff was said. we were tied up.

Pearl: that’s right. you know it wasn’t us.

Betty: I don’t care… it was you girls… you were right there at school and said those mean things to me… Telling me there was no God. that I was being a fool for having faith in someone or something that didn’t even exist. You shattered my faith. I Despise you girls entirely… I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! EVER!!! *Walking away from the girls hurt*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Running away crying and in tears*

The City of Metropolis now hated them so much that they wanted them to get out-of-town never to come back. Their cousins hated them for what they had done. The whole family hated them and they didn’t know how they were gonna make them see that it wasn’t what they thought it was. They couldn’t tell them that they were tied up and that 3 girls who happened to look exactly like them impersonated them. No one in the family would believe it. The three girls went to Arus and took a look around and see if at least they could find at least someone who would believe them. They saw the damage and then saw the Lions on the ground knocked out. Paige went down first and then Pearl and Dinah followed right after.

Keith: *Looking up and seeing the 3 girls* Halt! What are you 3 doing here?

Lance: *Angry* You 3 did enough damage and now… NOW YOU DARE SHOW YOUR FACES HERE?!

Hunk: *Angrily* Get of here before we make you 3 the next meals for the lions here. BEAT IT!

Tammy: *Trying to get through to the other* Guys… Wait. they’re the good ones. they are innocent. look at them. could they really have attacked us?

Larmina: How can you say that, Tammy? they attacked us. You should know… you were here with us the whole time. and we saw them clear as crystal. they were aiming at us and launched the attack at us.

Tammy: You don’t understand. it was them… but not the ones we’d know. the real girls would never attack us.

Keith: It doesn’t matter. we know what we saw and what we saw was them. they attacked us and attacking us… is means for EXILE!

Lance: EXILE!

Hunk: EXILE!

Larmina: EXILE! they are not welcomed on Arus anymore. *to the 3 girls* You girls are no longer welcomed on Arus. GET OFF OUR PLANET NOW!!!!

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Flying away crying*

Paige: *Crying* Even our friends hate us. they won’t believe us… we’re hated. maybe we should just fade away and never come back. That seems to be what would make everyone happy now. we’re not wanted by anyone.

Pearl: *Crying* yeah. I don’t even want to live. I want to just be put out of my misery. I don’t want to even live life being hated like this. *Feeling her heart crumbling* I feel my heart aching…it’s breaking and there’s nothing I can do to help it.

Dinah: Who cares anymore? If people here don’t want to believe us and would rather believe the tall tales and the lies they were seeing. The heck with it. we’ll just go to some other place where they won’t find us. at least I will… *Hurt and sore* I’m done. *Flying off feeling hurt pride* I don’t care anymore. *Suddenly stopping* They have all changed on us and we thought that at least we’d be able to get them to believe us. but they don’t. They all would rather believe that we’d actually attack our friends for no reason. Our family turned on us. they all hate us and think that we’re rotten. Mom hates us. our cousins hate us too. Betty and Angel won’t even look at us let alone talk to us. none of them want a thing to do with us… so… you know what? The heck with them. I am done. *Flying away*

What they didn’t know was that the Doom girls were nearby and were overhearing the whole conversation… even though they were serving King Lotor and were supposed to enjoy seeing them all broken up… they started feeling bad and knew that it was getting way too out of control. they were now feeling terrible for what they’ve done…

Doom Paige: *Looking at her sisters* I think that we took it too far. we only wanted to cause just a little bit of trouble. not make them run away and have the city just hate them…

Doom Pearl: It’s too late. the damage is done. we can’t undo it.

Doom Dinah:  even if we could undo it, what would it prove? no one would buy it.

Doom Paige: I don’t care. we may work for Maahox and serve King Lotor. but we’re not gonna just sit around and not try to do what’s right. we messed up here and we’re gonna fix it. we ruined the Rhapsody Girl’s lives. but we went too far.

Doom Pearl: And that’s a bad thing… How?

Doom Dinah: *Rolling her eyes* Why are you talking about them for? they’re done for. they’re ruined. I don’t get it… why the sudden change of heart?

Doom Paige: *Scoffs* Why the hell do you think? Can’t you hear them? CAN YOU?! They’re hurt. they’re truly crushed. you can see the complete devastation in their voice and see the broken heart emotion in their eyes.

Doom Pearl: you know what… the hell with King Lotor and the hell with Maahox. they can both bite the weenie and choke on it.

Doom Dinah: Let’s go and do damage control and fix the mess. I can’t take it anymore.

The Doom girls then come out from hiding and fly up towards the 3 girls…

Doom Paige: Wait… Girls. don’t go. *Feeling upset* don’t run away. it’s not the answer.

Paige: *Looking at the girls flying at them* Who are you? you 3 have won. you 3 have done alot of rotten things and everyone thinks it was us that did it. *Crying* our own family hates us because of you.

Doom Pearl: We know… we were created by Maahox. he told us to do it. but we didn’t want to. But he told us that we were made to serve King Lotor. that we had no choice but to do it. we didn’t even feel like doing it.

Pearl: But you did it anyway. WHY? *With tears in her eyes showing the hurt that she feels inside*

Doom Dinah: Well… why do you think we did it? we did it to please the Rotten Drule. and that mad Scientist. they were watching our every move. so we had to do those things or they’d try to kill us.

Dinah: *Looking back and hearing the truth come out* What? they threatened your life? Well that will stop. Let’s go and nail them rotten snakes.

Doom Paige: No! first we got to go to everyone you know and you have to come with us. we’re gonna first set things right. giving your happy lives back. we took them and that was all we aimed for. but it got way out of control. and we can’t live with ourselves seeing that you girls were being accused of something we did. you tried to explain and failed at it. we wanted to ruin the lives… but not force you 3 to run away feeling hated by your whole family. we went too far. that’s not something we’re wanting to let go on.

Paige: Let’s go and explain to the family first. they need to hear this most.

Doom Pearl: We’ll split up.

Doom Paige: Me and Paige will do the family.

Paige: That’s right.

Doom Pearl: Pearl and I will take care of the friends here…

Pearl: *Nods*

Doom Dinah: Dinah and I will take care of the City of Metropolis. the people there.

Dinah: got it.

Doom Paige: the last thing to do is the school.

Paige: But that’ll have to be done tomorrow.

Doom Pearl: If we Doom Girls last that long. because if Maahox and King Lotor get wind of us turning soft and helping you 3 get your happy lives back… let’s just say that it will be the end for us.

Pearl: *Frowns* well… we won’t let that happen. we’ll protect you from him. there’s six of us and only one of him. we can out smart him.

Doom Dinah: *Nods* I agree.

Dinah: me too.

The Rhapsody Girls and the Doom Girls split up into pairs. Paige and her Dark counterpart went to take care of the family part. they knew that there was alot of explaining to do and Doom Paige knew that she had to confess what she had done. clearing Paige, Pearl and Dinah’s name.

At Princess Rikku’s house…

Doom Paige: Mrs. Rhapsody…

Paige: Mom?

Princess Rikku: *Tending to Angel* What do you want? I’m not in the mood to even talk to you. *Looking at Paige* YOU! I thought that I TOLD YOU TO GET TO YOUR ROOM! MOVE NOW!!!

Doom Paige: Hold off ma’am. that’s not right. She is innocent. she wasn’t in school when the said events happened. neither were her sisters. Paige, Pearl and Dinah were tied up and taken to an underground hide-out and knocked out plus gagged. Doom Pearl, Doom Dinah and myself were at school in their place. we were the ones who said those mean things to Betty and Angel. *Replaying the Events*


“Doom Paige: If I have to sit through another class and listen to an old fossil yap on with pointless things… i’m gonna scream. Let’s ditch this place. we can go and do our own thing and leave this school stuff to the rest of the family. it’s not worth it.

Betty: *Walking up to the girls* What are you girls up to this time? Are you girls trying to expose your identities?

Doom Pearl: And what if we are? Why the hell don’t you mind your own business? *Scoffs* I swear… you and your Holy righteous attitude. “Oh Look at me… I am a follower of god. I believe in him.” Grow the hell up. No one believes in that kind of stuff anymore. By you going by what he says every time and living his way… you’re not living. you’re a drone and a hack.

Betty: *Snaps* Hey… What’s gotten into you girls? I’m not just a girl… i’m also a hero and also your sister.

Doom Dinah: Yeah… we know that. but you’re also a pain in the ass. GET LOST! There is no GOD! GOD IS DEAD! DEAL WITH IT!

Betty: *Feeling upset and hearing as those words hit right to her heart* That is the lowest thing anyone’s ever said to me. and to think that I had to hear it from my own sisters… *Running off in tears* …. *Crying*

Doom Paige:  *Rolling her eyes* What a baby. she is such a crybaby loser. no wonder no one likes her. she’s a pathetic loser.

Seconds later…

Angel: *Walking over to the girls* You girls are acting up in school. we just heard from the teachers from your morning classes… How could you girls fail your English test? That was a major one. you failed it. Why?

Doom Pearl: **Scoffs* Because we wanted to.

Angel: Why?

Doom Dinah: What does it matter to you? why don’t you go and do your gloomy act somewhere. you’re always so gloomy. talking in such a gloomy tone and always being with the attitude that nothing is worth living for. Why don’t you put yourself out of your own misery if you’re Sooooo unhappy with life? you act like everyone is falling into a meaningless pit of existence. you’re not happy unless everyone is gloomy just as much as you are. you shouldn’t even be among the living talking like that.

Doom Paige: You’re such a freak.

Angel: That is cruel.

Doom Pearl: *Taunting and making faces* Awww! Poor poor baby. Why don’t you act your age and stop being such a downer. no one wants to deal with a person like you… you’re so dull and depressing.

Angel: Life is unfair… *Gloomy* There is no point in living life for it only ends in death.

Doom Dinah: *Rolling her eyes* Let’s get away from this loser. she’s seriously bad for our karma. it’s making me sick.

Doom Paige: With pleasure.”

Back to the scene…

Doom Paige: It wasn’t her. she was telling the truth and you threw her to the wolves… claimed her to be a liar. she’s the innocent one. i am guilty. So if those two girls want to attack someone and hate someone… tell them to hate me, Doom Pearl and Doom Dinah. we’re the ones in trouble. not Paige, Pearl and Dinah. We were created by Evil… by some mad scientist named Maahox. he created us and said that we were to do what we have done. he threatened our lives. *Showing the picture of Maahox*

Doom Paige: Don’t forget that we were to serve King Lotor and ruin the girl’s live on his command. even against our free will. *Showing King Lotor’s picture*

Princess Rikku: *Understanding the explanation and suddenly cries feeling terrible for how she acted towards her girls*

The family was handled… and one by one they all came to forgive and say how sorry they were to Paige, Pearl and Dinah for not believing them when they said that they weren’t the ones who committed the cruel acts that have been done throughout that day. The Rhapsody Brothers came to forgive them and saw that it was all a terrible misunderstanding that played a very bad role in all those involved… As for the City people… they were hard to convince… but were soon brought to light. believing the truth and suddenly placed the blame on the Doom girls and issued an apology to the Rhapsody girls. The Damage was being fixed. but The doom girls were in fear that they were gonna have to answer for it in the end. They were sure to meet an end when Maahox and King Lotor got word of it.

On Arus…

Doom Pearl: You guys should be blaming me. not her… she and her sisters are not the ones that attacked you. We are. The Doom Girls… Doom Paige, Doom Dinah and me. we did it. not Paige, Pearl and Dinah. they’re innocent. you only felt it was them for we look exactly like them and you couldn’t tell the difference. but they are not the ones at fault. we are…

Lance: If that is the case… then you and your sisters should go back to that Drule and stay there…

Keith: you and your sisters have caused enough damage here.

Hunk: And ruining the lives of our friends… you 3 are really cruel.

Tammy: you 3 should just go.

Pearl: Don’t blame her for what she did. she did it because that mean Drule and that mad Scientist threatened their lives. they were gonna be killed unless they did what they were told.

Larmina: That’s terrible. well… they’ll be safe here… we’ll keep them safe here. they’ll have to live in the Village in a secluded part of the Village. but they will be safe.

That night when all we said and done and the drama was done… The Rhapsody girls laid down on their beds and sighed with tears in their eyes. they had been living a nightmare that they were thankful to see was over at last but with all sense of reality… they also knew that it could have turned out to be alot worse than what it had. the 3 girls knew it… it was not all that likely that it happen again and get even worse. Still the bottom line was pointed out on the fact that there was a chance that the outcome was bound to happen again; by the hands of the Drule. The Drule at that time was working behind the scenes to it all. the Doom girls were just a tiny step to something that was itching to happen. Paige, Pearl and Dinah couldn’t explain it… but even though the situation was done and was at a close… they had cried themselves to sleep. The incident had truly scared them that much and they all knew how it could have destroyed all they had. Would this be the last they see of Lotor’s influence? what was the Drule gonna try next? Would the next attack leave the entire Voltron force immobilized? Who will survive the fall out from the next attack attempt on the Voltron force? Does it mean that the Rhapsody girls are about to be involved? Would it be in need of extra help from the Rhapsody brothers? Find out in Chapter 11 of the saga as The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z continues…


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